New foundation


My name is Larry Seldon. Almost three thousand years ago, the legendary scientist and writer on a distant Earth laid the foundations of a science — psychohistory. A small group of his followers secretly continued to develop a mathematical tool for predicting the future all these years. We collected information. Analyzed random connections. Built supercomputers. And now we have managed to obtain clear data about the future. For several years we tested it on real facts, refined the model and formulas. And now we are sure that we know what future awaits us all…


Our calculations show that very soon the aliens will strike at the surviving fragments of our world again. Cybers will call them again. And they will come. No one can stop this process. The repeat Invasion will finally destroy civilization. Our models predict the slow extinction of the human race in the next millennium.


But all is not lost! We developed a “New Foundation” rescue plan. Follow our advice! Trust your heart! Rally together! And we will have a chance to survive!



An analysis of all the data obtained since the Invasion suggests that the aliens are not at all interested in the death of humanity. Their goal is different. And this is the search for the Signal. Unfortunately, mankind has the same idea. And some even achieved some success in this.


We know for sure that special artefacts have been found over the past few years. Some scientists suggest that these are parts of the Signal, its fragments that have taken a special form in our continuum. Even their partial decryption can open the way to incredible new knowledge for us.


Studying the artefacts is extremely difficult. They incomprehensibly change not only the properties of the surrounding world but also everyone who is nearby. People go crazy or die from seemingly random events. Even the simple transportation of such artefacts is a complex operation in which the people doing it most often die. Therefore, pirates are usually hired to transport artefacts. We call it the “Black Relay”.


Research on artefacts is also attempted by the revenants. There is evidence that their hierarchs know how to withstand the destructive power contained in the scraps of the Signal. This hypothesis is confirmed by the fact that during the first Invasion, the revenants fought on the side of the Biones and awakened them, infecting cities and planets with the virus.


But Cybers were the most dangerous. Rejected by Jericho, they were for a long time strongly influenced by the revenants and absorbed their religious attitude to the Ancients. But, without the knowledge of revenants, they felt reverence for any objects and artefacts of Aliens. Including crystallid objects. We believe that this is precisely what caused the split between them that led to the first Invasion.


It was the cybers who opened the first portals to the world of Aliens and placed special beacons to attract crystallids. And now they are once again preparing to open new gates for the aliens in order to repeat the Invasion. And this strike will be much more powerful. This time, Aliens will not just come into our world but will try to finally gain a foothold in it, destroying other intelligent races.


Our calculations indicate that the first test strike will occur here in the fringe sectors. And if we do not stop it, we can not fight back, then the doors for aliens will be open throughout the inhabited universe.


Survival plan

We called our plan “New Foundation”. This is a complex set of events that should protect humanity. Psychohistory forbids disclosing all plans to the people. Everything should happen naturally. But we can give you hints. And we know for sure that there are systems into which aliens cannot get due to special conditions. In such places, survivors of the war will be able to hide.


The resistance that we can provide to aliens can also affect the overall outcome of events to a large extent. Fight back! Destroy cybers and aliens! Fight for every location and system! Remember — we can win this war!


The future is not definitive. There is no fate other than that which we create ourselves.

So things to take in:

-New events coming perhaps

-Invasion might come back again (wew)

-Cybers bad but dumb, revenants bad and kinda smart

-The signal kills people but some people have deciphered it without being killed


Nothing of note to Lore from the hostile waters event regarding Jericho and Enclave relations or how the Enclave obtained Jericho’s top Destroyer prototypes to make the Wood Louse nor any teasers of replication unless it is tied to the coming events as the Jericho-Enclave relations seem to be a current matter.

The signal is Markers.

U either go crazy or you understand it and become unstoppable.

Now it’s time to give Aliens faces. I would like to see the face avatar of the Alien/Cyber/Predator/Crystallid.