New Foundation Destroyer Event broken!!!

At first here is the request to pay me back at last 400k credits, and the repair costs for my ships (see screenshots) and my request for 144 iridium, which was wasted, during the Alien Destroyer Event or giving me the seed chip and credits rewards, because I hitted the chip, even with a rank 7 ones but died and after I couldn’t resurect because it costs stupied 100k (1k should definitly be enough or maybe 10k) I jumped between the sector and the station to

continue the battle and for what? FOR NOTHING!!!


This is definitly not fair against new players which are not having at last any rank 14/15 ship to survive long enough so you must give all the rewards over mail to all practicing players otherwise it is definitly unfair or at last no despawning containers so that they can be looted!


Notice: No rewards for my contribution or no payback means no real oney from me for ever!



So what is wrong here? Did you spend all of your credits on repairs in Open Space?


Please explain with punctuation and short sentences.

Yes [@TheDarkRedFox](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/242418-thedarkredfox/)


I assumed, and this is, what I am assuming in each game, that such big events are made for all players. Elite ones and also new ones (like me).


While Elite ones maybe have over millions of creadits, I don’t have them (have had arround 450k credits) and then I could only use the button to go back to the station

and to jump back to the sector, at the cost of 5 iridium per jump which must be a bug, because before this patch, I only paid one time 5 iridium and could jump in the

sector, where I already spended 5 iridium to jump in, did this changed maybe? If so, change it back please, thanks.


After all I dropped down from arround 750 iridium to 606 iridium and for what? For nothing! No Chips, no Credits, nothing aquirred and this can’t be! This is inaccaptable for me,

as new player. I definitly can’t practice for now, until this gets fixed/changed. This is then - for new players - bad, because they are only getting chips out of e. g. skirmish because they

are to weak to practis in this event, as long as they are not owning a rank 14/15 ship and at last a few million credits, to be able to practis in this event.


It should be fair that every player can practis in this event and also get rewards for practice in this event or it isn’t fair for all players.

Ah! I understand now. Sorry about that.


So unfortunately we can’t really refund you the credits you spent, but I can show you around open space personally if you like, and help you get some unique items and seed-chips. They only drop from certain enemies in certain sectors. The sectors are marked by a little red symbol on the top left of the sector in the map. You must find and kill MANY of the “cyber” enemies. The higher their classification, or more difficult they are to kill, the higher chance you have of getting a seed chip. (from my experience.) So hunt down Cyber Officers or Cyber Snipers and you should find many. Try to stay a good distance away from them and be sure to use missiles and active modules to stay alive the longest. Once they’re almost dead, get up really close to them and start spamming the “interact” key to be the first to pick up the seed chip or iridium if they drop it.


Feel free to send me a mail in-game so I have your ign. I’ll message you when I’m online so we can farm together. ;3


I’ll also equip my spatial scanner to try to find you a few nice credit drops.

Thanks for your response. Mail ist out and if all was done correctly, you should have one from me ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

That destroyer is not something to take on at a level, and with a ship & build such as yours, frankly it’s not even worth it, you do get 120 iridium and 2 chips, which are common, you would have better luck and be more effective by killing regular cybers in attacked sectors.

I honestly don’t think I’ve even encountered a cyber destroyer yet. Just regulars. Gotten tons of seed chips from them. Never over the blue rarity though.

2 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

I honestly don’t think I’ve even encountered a cyber destroyer yet. Just regulars. Gotten tons of seed chips from them. Never over the blue rarity though.

He is talking about Alien Destroyer. It’s the same as in specops, but it has much more HP. It took a full wing 75 minutes to kill and I was told that it’s health is actually shared across instances (it’s unconfirmed, though). It drops 1 red, 1 gold and 1 purple seed chip for each player contributing (after killing it, it drops 3 containers for each player, player cannot pick-up containers for another player). 

And yes, the OS Destroyer is  not  aimed towards newer players. Just engaging it banks on a lot of assumed knowledge of the Special Operations version at max rank.


Some things to note - Destroyers aren’t your best shot. Just stop. One or two with Photon is okay. 12 in one instance spamming gravi and tempest is just going to crash people’s games.

Strafe. Every part of the Spec Ops Destroyer meant you  had  to be moving constantly if emitters were alive. Swap to the strafe implant and slap on a tetroxide or two and don’t stop strafing.

Flares. You need them. Don’t bank on a random guard in the instance having missile shield. Take flares, make them Mk4 if you can and use them. Those missiles can and will one shot you.

Resonating ammunition. If you can use it. Use it. If you have an EM weapon with it too then even better as your damage will stack with friendly photon emitter debuffs.

Kill emitters. Everyone will be thankful. Especially yourself.


If you have trouble engaging the boss then don’t engage it while it has lasers active - it’s infinitely harder than when the bubble emitters are active as some of the lasers can and will shoot through the boss’ own mesh.

Honestly OS events are crappy. There’s supposedly reward for assisting the destruction of destroyer but I didn’t get any, just wasted time. Cybers in OS with chips have free-for-all loot so it’s worthless doing this event because people just steal and they seem to have good marcos because even spamming C is not enough. This is probably one of the worst event to this date.

Fortunately there’s a way to get chips from PvE but it doesn’t happen often, so far I got only two common chips…



Ok, a lot has changed with the new Invasion part and chips in OS are now more accessible!

The key is not only in strafe acceleration but also speed you shouldn’t change your direction too quickly against the lasers, you might want the inertial stabilizer, flares are mandatory but sometimes the “first and last missile home onto you” shenanigans happen, so having two modules to throw them off would help, or use a very maneuverable ship to dodge them(Tai’Kin).


Explosive and piercing weapons deal damage to both the emitter/shell/core you attack and the frame itself, which is what you have to destroy, and supposedly destroying emitters, shells and cores should chunk some health away, tough to tell with that small health bar, a tackler wouldn’t hurt to be fair, I’ve tried it out and it helps big time as it helps everyone even if you’re not in a squad, and it stacks with photon, also, ions only lower resistances for yourself, so I’d heavily recommend singu, resonating ammo, and chips focused on EM damage and damage against aliens, best to take a R15 ship and above, but fed tacklers would be my go-to option.