New flight PoV nerf

So you changed the way the ships behave in turret mode.

It’s insanely worse. The ships get into inverted positions all day. It broke the turret mode completely and non-turret mode is not competitive or balanced as in non-turret speed == everything.

Edit: Just tried with a friend 1v1 in a bot game. Given two interceptors, it’s almost impossible to maneuver properly in turret view. All it matters now is speed and agility in any ship. Get behind them and tail them forever. If you invest in anything but speed and agility you lose.

Game is not fun this way. It’s utterly impossible to outplay people. If they are higher tiered or higher ranked, you lose 100%.

I’ll wait for the next patch. Until then, I will not play. hf.

Thanks for the feedback. This is still beta so nothing is final and we take care of your feedback and we will try improve the game.

well sorry to say but this new update makes the intercepter spec completly op unless you are completly on top of them have max projectile speed and a machine gun firing rate they can not be hit, unless you have stasis, or ion but ion allows them to just rocket spam you because you have to get so frigin close to hit them with it. but anyways I do like the blind spot Ideas but you just put them in the wrong spots there was nothing wrong with using all the guns to shoot backwards looking at the ships the natural blind spot for guns would be the underside not directly behind it all im saying is if a gun can rotate 360 and up the only thing stoping it from shooting would be hitting your own craft when it fires. the piloting with free cam is fine except I don’t have any way to control my speed it seems this would be very helpfull as if I have some one tailing me or keeping pace side by side I would love to use the ships front thrusters to stop all foward movement and watch them pass me and open up my guns/rockets on them. reguarding the regular flight mode the auto correction wil make my ship start to spin allover the place as the correction trys to correct it’s own miscalculation.

I like very much the new cameras, and the new free camera without auto-orientation it’s still better. Now its not another shooter, but a SPACE shooter.

In space there is no up and down, and with the new cameras it’s more important to use the Q and E maniouvers.

Good job guys.

New camera broke the space fight feeling.

New camera broke the space fight feeling.

Turret blind spots broke my space fight feeling :wink: but im not giving up only by some changes.

New camera broke the space fight feeling.

And that’s because…

Turret blind spots broke my space fight feeling :wink: but im not giving up only by some changes.

Shooting through your own ship gives you space feeling because…?

Please people, give arguments, the very core of the game -controls and gameplay- deverves it :wink:

turret mode is fine as it is. you’re not supposed to use it in dogfighting, but as a “fire-at-something-without-changing-course” method.

And that’s because…

Because now, all i do is point and shoot. no more evasive manouvers, focus fire etc… This game look battle star galactca now.

The problem is that there are two distinct philosophies on how the combat should work. One is that dogfighting should be a central part of the game with an assaulting ship positioning itself to the rear of another. The other is that ships should be able to shoot at each other from all angles, making it more of a DPS race.

The newest camera setup seems like a compromise. In that your general viewpoint means you will want to keep somewhere behind your target, but the angle at which you can aim is very high. The price of this is that your ship feels much less responsive, which is a shame considering the excellent flight mechanics that the ships have.

My perfect solution would have been a complete scrapping of the turret view for all ships other than frigates. The original rear camera when closed beta started was very enjoyable to use. The problem was that the 360 camera at the time made people using the rear camera unable to compete.

I don’t understand why people have a problem being outmaneuvered by an opponent, if the enemy is on your tail and you can’t get behind them yourself then that means you have done something wrong, or you are outnumbered. In other words you have been outplayed. You have two choices: to prolong the chase as long as you can so that your teamates can deal damage, or to escape so that you may reapproach or relocate.

The other supporting argument for the 360 turret view is ship balance. Frigates should certainly retain the turret mode, they are defenseless otherwise. This leaves the fighters and interceptors. Without the 360 turret view available, the interceptor will be able to use it’s superior speed and maneuverability to keep behind the fighter, the the fighter will therefore lose. The problem here isn’t with camera viewpoints, it’s with people’s expectations from a fighter. The fighters aren’t meant to go toe to toe with interceptors. They are there to break through enemy lines and hunt frigates. If you think fighters are role redundant because interceptors can do the same job just as well then the problem is NOT with the camera, it is with the design of the fighter class itself.

Regarding the 360 turret view giving you a “space feel” this is entirely your opinion, I can’t really argue with it. I could however suggest that you just go and play EVE, because this is the combat style which the 360 view promotes. People will simply approach each other and keep firing until one person loses the DPS race. 3cxO suggests that the rear view lets higher level ships dominate more, the opposite is true. If maneuvering has no impact on a fight, the ship of higher level with the most DPS will win in seconds leaving no room to outplay an opponent.

Sorry for the long post, I just feel that people are not really providing any useful input on this subject. They just shout about how the camera affects them personally without considering how different camera settings change the entire dynamic of the game. Feel free to disagree with me, but at least put forward some decent reasoning for why you think the camera should be a certain way.

Agree with Trouser_trout

Thanks for the usefull feedback we will try to find a good solution.