New DLC packs “Star Conflict: Protazan. Deluxe edition ” and “Star Conflict: Protazan”




Pilots! The “Star Conflict: Protazan” and “Star Conflict: Protazan. Deluxe edition” packs are now available in the official project’s store. The deluxe edition pack will be available for purchase until October 11. There are no restrictions on using the “Protazan” ship in the game.


Star Conflict: Protazan. Deluxe edition

This pack includes

  • Long-range Jericho frigate “Protazan”
  • Unique weapon “Thermo-launcher TL-5”
  • Special combat module “Redirection of energy flows”


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Special coverage for ships “Blue stains”
  • Decor “Firebird”
  • Portrait “Selena Oliveira”


Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Inertial stabilizer
  • Emergency barrier
  • Acceleration coils
  • EM-diffuser
  • Auxiliary shield projector
  • Multipurpose shield
  • Crystal Plates
  • “Horizon” Module
  • Enhanced scanner
  • Weapon overcharge
  • EM Scattering Field
  • Reverse thruster
  • Tachyon charge
  • Crystal drones set - 50 pcs.


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!


Star Conflict: Protazan.

This pack includes

  • Long-range Jericho frigate “Protazan”
  • Unique thermal weapon “Thermo-launcher TL-5”
  • Special combat module “Redirection of energy flows”
  • Portrait “Selena Oliveira”


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


Protazan is the newest ship of Liu and Mendes families created as a response to the strengthening of the New Empire and the Federation fleets. The excellent combination of weapons and defense systems makes this ship one of the best in long-range frigates class.


Work on the project began in 4619 almost immediately after the first Relic prototypes were created. The new frigate was supposed to be a support ship for the new destroyer, but later its role was greatly expanded. In the first months, work on the project went slowly. The lack of experience in the field of long-range ships was a factor. The engineers decided to invite the Liu Family to join the work on Protazan. With the arrival of Liu, scientists received a huge amount of technical documentation on both the old frigates and new developments of individual nodes. The merging of the knowledge and production capacities of the two Families gave the project a new life. The frigate’s arsenal has been replenished with new torpedoes and weapons, with which Protazan is capable of destroying any target.


During the tests, a squad of several ships completely destroyed the defensive fleet of one of the cyber bases. Soon after, the shipyards received blueprints for Protazan’s mass production. Currently, Mendes’ trusted mercenaries can get a special version of the ship for testing. Family engineers carefully collect data from every battle, even the most insignificant one, and analyze it. UMC is an indisputable assistant in this business.