New Corporation looking for members

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The official name of the corporation is The Defiance.  Currently, it is a small Federation corp with less than ten members.  With that being said any and all pilots are welcome to join.


As of the June 7, 2014


CEO:      ninjaclaw

VP:         TheFireLord

Officer:   HuangZuDa



While still trying to get ourselves established, our only enforced rule is that you must be active at least once every thirty days.  More frequently would be better, but until later our maximum consecutive absences is thirty days.

We do not officially use any voice or video chat system, however individual members may be using these individually for small-scale game communication.




Also, not a requirement but I would prefer if you have:


Fleet strength of at least 3

Skill rating of at least 900 or average kills of at least 1.3

Any T2 ship or any Premium Ship


This is because a good number of people who are looking to join a corporation are still those learning the controls and still deciding whether to keep or uninstall the game.  

If you have met these requirements, I will certainly invite you to the corp.

If you do not, however, please send me a message (preferably though in-game methods) and I will consider you.




Also again as of June 7 2014,

HuangZuDa is the most frequently online player followed by TheFireLord.  As we three are the only ones who can invite you, I would suggest you contact someone who is more likely to respond within a time of your convenience.  Another reminder is that in order to be successfully invited, both one of us and you must be online at the same time. 




“We are The Defiance and we will fight for what we believe in”

Hey, I’d like to join, I’m considerably new player in the game - even though I actually was a closed beta tester when the game just came out. So far 2 weeks in game I think, and I’m up to 2 tier 3 ships for now.


In game name Deliq, I want to join a newer corporation instead of being in already established one, hopefully to do stuff together too. (Enjoying tier2 much more than tier3 so far) :smiley:

Good to see another new corp good luck and see you in game 01212.png

welcome to SC! good to see indeed, however, you might want to be in the “[Corporations](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/225-corporations/)” thread, if you hire.

The Defiance:


I would like to join your corporation. My in-game name is SamFighter. I can guarantee being online at least 3 times a week. I promise to be a significant contribution to your corporation.


Best regards,

:010j: SamFighter  :010j: