New chat bans

Please  fix  this  bug … i do not  spam chat and  am perma ban for  1 day … that day never  gets  less so i ether get un chat ban for  a  perma day or  i cant play this  game  any more  as  the  GS will now  be  necessary to play and a  chat ban player  will never  get the  parts  needed for  building

It will be fixed, just relog when it happens.

… I also got chat banned for some reason I DO NOT KNOW (yes ORCA, apparently got banned for sleeping :V cuz I was in the chat having a good laugh and after downloading 1.4.4 this morning, surprise…)

Your chat ban is sadly a legit one, not a mistake :confused:

4 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

Your chat ban is sadly a legit one, not a mistake :confused:

for real? o.O at least they should tell peeps WHY tho, I don’t remember saying anything that deserved a chat ban either ._. 

I even eye-licked this to see if I remember anything…

still don’t know >o-o<

A reason would be good, yes.

Well, you were saluting dictators and used several nazi phrases pretty much not a nice sight, please dont do that again, some people get offended by that and for a good reason.

I have received a (WARNING) in the trade chat, because i want to trade ? 
What is the rules for the trade chat ? Or how can I avoid this ?


Don’t post 2 messages in the same time, an interval of 10 seconds between one another is required AFAIK, im not sure how much you can post withing a minute.

That was 5 minute interval and a battle between the two post ?

If you encounter it again, post a screenshot and maybe game log in the bug section. I use the trade system every day but havent seen that issue.