New changes in the Matchmaking system


There were a lot of changes in many of technical characteristics of ships, modules and weapons recently. Now it allows us to implement a new matchmaker system, with changed ranges of ranks in battles. Here they are:

  • 1 - 3
  • 3 - 5
  • 5 - 7
  • 7 - 9
  • 9 - 10
  • 11 - 13
  • 14 - 15

The system still takes into account the player’s level of skill. Teams are formed based on a number of parameters, which reflect the pilot’s skill. That is, by increasing their skill level pilots will be getting into battles with someone showing similar results. Adjacent ranks has a positive impact on the waiting time, as well as the size of the teams.  

Attention!  We are carefully monitoring battles of all ranges and ready to make more changes if necessary. 

Good luck in battles!


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