New bundle Star Conflict: Custodian



Pilots! The new bundle “Star Conflict: Custodian” is now available in the official store


Those pilots who received one or more parts of the Manual Piloting System during the Moon Race will get a special discount on the purchase of the Custodian DLC.

  • The discount is bigger if you earned more parts of the “Manual Piloting System” during the race.
  • To get a discount, you do not need to have the parts in your warehouse. It is important that you participated in the “Moon Race” and opened the cells with parts of the “Manual Piloting System”.

This bundle includes

  • Jericho guard frigate “Custodian”

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Unique ship decoration “Jericho logo”
  • Unique title “Custodian captain”
  • Unique paint “Serpent”
  • Sticker set Ursa Major, Terraformer, Space Walk 

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


There have been many rumours about Technologists, the tech geniuses from Jericho. Only one thing can be said for sure — they’re gone. Gone without a trace. Artificial intelligence remained after their exodus. It called himself the Sentinels and took control of the Jericho sector.


Although the Alien invasion was declining, their portals remained a problem, and the Sentinels assembled a special model of the ship to keep an eye on them. 

In all the chaos that the galaxy is now, the production of new ships is not that active. Therefore, the Sentinels, who actively contact and support the victims, offered Custodian blueprints to the UMC. Especially for mercenaries who are trying to somehow maintain order in the sectors, the AI changed the original design of the ship so that it could be controlled by a person.


When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.