New at this game little help please...

Greetings All,


Just started playing today and I am trying to figure things out, example:  did some missions, some with contacts on right side and received as a reward 1 ‘kit for beam cannon’ and a ‘kit for mass shield generator’, but in red on the bottom it says "approperiate modules not available’, right clicking will let me sell or salvage and salvage will destroy the item.  Why are they not available?  If I can’t use them, what will I get if I salvage them?  I know some loot is auto-sold if I can’t use it thats fine, just wondering what to do with this stuff…


Thank you all for your help! :012j:



Those are upgrade kits for things you do not have yet. I would recommend holding on to them at the beginning or at least until you get multiples of the same upgrade kits.

Or until you have the modules to use them on.




Welcome to the game!