New Arthur Gage missions


This is Gage. Can you hear me, pilots? There’s too much of this ‘Ellydium’ around. I’ve got too much work from their contractors, but not enough time to find men for the job. Here’s the deal: prove that you work hard and I’m going to find something special for you. I can only say that it’s going to be hard to assemble an ‘Ellydium’ ship without this. Deal?

Special mission from Arthur Gage ‘Overflow’

  • Get 200 Alien composite panels by completing Gage’s missions “Sending ships to war” or purchasing bundles. Previously obtained composite panels do not count.
  • As a reward you will get 10 Alien fighter structure pieces

Sending ships to war
Free corporation ‘Ellydium’ is ready to sign contracts with experienced pilots and war veterans! We need only the best! Prove that you are the pilot deserving an extended contract! The mission is simple — find the convoy at the location and escort it to our docks!

  • Starting with rank 5 players will receive Alien composite panels for sending ships to war
  • If a rank 8 or 11 destroyer is used, the pilot receives an additional prize — more Alien composite panels

Yours faithfully,
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