networc client-server problems bug-catching rig

Hello community,

It happens othen that my rig capable of digging rare buggs, so i start separated topic in this branch.

It is not about ports and protocols and stability and MTU and some other rocket-science terms.

Something more simple.

Problem started 1 yar ago on launch of PvE missions.
Client do some search, then make signal sound, then say “sorry buddy, go smoke bamboo”. And suggest reconnect to active mission. Which is client is not capable to do because it was developed in wrong way - it never connected back to active fight.

There we go - i was offline like 1 year.

Now problem growth.

I does not allow to connect to server at all!

Or - problem started appear also in PvP missions. With same pattern - Search-Signal-xxxx.

Of cause here some1 will blame my configuration, drivers and so on. Wrong way.

If you want good example of “reconnect” option - In Vostok Games Survarium - all works well - i can recruit some developers for you if you want to know how things done.

But lets get down to business.

First of all - im interested how othen same problem happens?

My Priority server is EU, US is also comfortable for play.

Here are some screenshots, which say nothing new, im sure of it.


Are you using wifi to connect to your router? Check if you are losing that connection. It can be a server side probem too. SC is able to reconnect to the battle. As long as you are alive you can reconnect in PVE, but if you die while you are disconnected i think you can’t. In PVP this is not a problem, you simply respawn.

[read it](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/)