Need tips how to deal with Nyx in tournaments

Since tournaments are back, so is my probably only reason to still play the game. But most of rounds are ruined by that one xxxx that have to equip Nyx and abuse the s out of new modules enjoying module recharge bonus with easy getaway with Tactical Retreat or Quantum.
Seriously, please advise how to deal with that thing. It dishes so high DPS with F-Blaster that when it shows on the radar you are already under 50% of hull before you can react (got blasted on Nukem-I from full shield and hull to zero in about 1 second, having 50% EM resistance and crystal plates). Tried many things but stopping this ship is beyond me:

-Tackler slow beam: it works, but when it manages to get into range of F-Blaster, you are done. Squishy ship, everybody and their dogs focus on you even more than on your Wazgots.
-Guard Pulsar: Nyx is fast enough to get away the range without afterburners, not a very reliable solution. The saucer is good at pursuing those mosquitoes but less durable than Ana-M
-ECM disable: you disable it and that’s it. It’s modules recharge faster than yours. Works only when it’s not in quantum and that is sometimes difficult to see.

-Command Penetrating beam: my best bet, but its either hit and kill or die praying it doesn’t have emergency barrier.
-Command Kappa beam: good luck hitting.
-Gunship Quark cloud: good luck hitting.
-Gunship Constellation Generator: works if it has like 10% hp remaining.

Anything I am missing? There wouldn’t be that much problem if I could use Disintegration Beam, but that module is R10. I don’t really want to participate in race “Equip Nyx yourself and kill as many before other Nyx kills you”

This is one of the balance issues right now: Interceptors have a far too easy time escaping classic tackler modules. Each has a million ways of breaking slows.


Covert Ops have quantum defense, adaptive camo and the warp thingy. They can cloak, unload from an unexpected angel and safely retreat with quantum defense.


ECM has always been tanky, but the repair system sabotage gives them speed and immunity to slows aswell.


Regular Recons can warp, cloak or use holoships.

Taikins are generally immortal if the pilot knows what he is doing.


Tacklers on the other hand get shredded and uncloaked by covered ops, outtanked by ECM and uncloaked and shield drained by recons.


The only powerful, and broken, thing some premium tacklers can do is to use the beam disintegrator aswell as the stopping beam. This combo instakills most interceptors. Of course that isnt balanced either and of course exclusive to premium ships.


I’d have the cooldowns of those inty modules increased, the short cd right now makes escaping too easy.




I forgot to mention, interceptors can get countered by the boring, annoying, skill and gameplay deprived Thilith Gunship with the Magnetic Disruptor.


On 9/20/2018 at 10:38 AM, Scar6 said:

I forgot to mention, interceptors can get countered by the boring, annoying, skill and gameplay deprived Thilith Gunship with the Magnetic Disruptor.


And you’ll end up being focus pretty darn hard after that ^^

Anaconda-m with proxy. 

Katana ae with 6km beam 

A ny18 / wazgot combo

Ecm spam. 

That’s what i saw working a bit. 

But honestly after last tourney i almost had to vomit over my screen for how the games went. 

Given how much i loved the co back then i whish instead of that cheat module they would give us hull adaptive back for the fed co and engi… Atm. I find it dishonorable to fly a co. Also because it forces you to a specific style. Its disgusting