Need some help..

Greetings and salutations, all.


The Kin here and well, admittedly I be new. Not new as in just started but new as in I haven’t played in AGES since open beta. Even then I never got far. Well, I’ve gotten back into the game and been trying my hand at various ships. Usually I use Jericho faction solely and keep a guard, command and covert ops. Was wondering if I could get some help though.


My recon dies stupid fast. Right now I have no synergy on the ship and it’s rank 5. All my ships are, but I seem to die absurdly fast. Sometimes I can hit people and I’ve gotten used to using a shrapnel cannon. Was wondering if any of you vets had any tips for active modules etc. Thanks in advance!

I would love a Jerry recon. Jokes aside.

Please screen shot your ship build, ships stats with full detail and implants to rank 5 for us to better help you.

Implants :


Ship Stats / Build:


Basically, I’m pretty new. I haven’t committed to anything yet because I don’t want to waste credits leveling up stuff that may not be useful. Thanks for the tips.

You can’t expect that Full Mk1 builds will protect you a lot.

The place where some ships start to become almost immortal is T3.

Arrive there, and i will give you all tips you need to survive.

i would suggest you take Jericho Implants in Rank 1 & 3. Resistances are better then Raw HP in my oppinion.

On your Fitting, you could swap that shield extender for a em resistance shield module.


It’s really your preference of Playstyle, but you could fit an emergency Barrier in that capacitor slot.


Most important though, it’s an interceptor. Those little ships have their tank in not getting hit. You have to adjust your flying. Don’t try to Facetank anything with interceptor, always fly evasive.

Agree on resists. I get much better results with those vs. the volume implants.

Alright, thanks for the tips. Are any of the weapons inherently better than the others? Also, when you say tier 1, 2 or 3 etc. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by those. Are ranks broken up into tiers or something or am I missing something?

Rank 1–3 = Tier 1
Ranks 4–6 = Tier 2 and so on.


Ships, weapons etc will have a Roman numeral denoting its tier.

Main > Settings > Game > Ship Information > Full


Just if you want to get in the specifics and make an awesome build.

i don’t think that one weapon is better than another. They’re just different. Why not try all weapons and take the one your better with or the one that fits to your playing style?

As for your covert ops build, i think the shrapnel is fine. Go for mainly big Targets and you’ll have no problems. If you want to stay with shrapnel, consider putting a electronic guidance module in cpu slot to reduce your spread.


I personally like pulse laser on interceptor. But you should take into consideration, if you want to build a Fitting for fighting medium Range, some weapons just fall through the roster, because of short range or wide spread.


If possible, also make the Missile choice fit to your weapon. For example Shrapnel does kinetic damage. Shields are strong against kinetic but weak against em. But on the enemies hull, you’ll do more damage with kinetic. So take EM Missiles to Strip opponents faster of their shields. (which your main weapon does less damage against)


Of course that only works as Long as the enemy hasn’t stuffed their resistance holes.

Wow, the full ship information makes a HUGE difference. I can see exact stats and stuff, thanks. Also thanks for the tips on the EM missiles. I’ll have to mess around with the weapons. Sometimes I do okay with the shrapnel, 6-8 kills per game. Other times i do absolutely abysmal with 0 kills. I’m thinking a rapid fire weapon may suit me better. Will probably try one of those out. Again, thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.

No problem. See you in space, if you don’t leave the game first…