Need info on recons

Picked this game up again…And there are ‘roles’ now.


I loved playing interceptors and have found they do not work like they did.

The recon i have is no longer suited for combat, it simply can not hold it’s own. (or maybe they can, but i’ve played for just 1 hour with the new interceptors)


Searched for a description:

Recon ships must infiltrate the enemy ranks and identify the locations of their ships. A special module will allow them to move around the battlefield quickly, and combat modules will allow them to detect enemy ships, including the invisible ones, and track the location of individual ships. In addition, Recon ships will be able to briefly become invisible and sabotage the enemy’s shields. radar range abd key objects capturing speed. Recon ship pilots will be able to receive additional rewards for all the damage done to those targets identified by them.”



This is what i don’t understand…what is the point of identifying the locations of enemy ships. Don’t we have a map that shows where they are? 

Or making invisible ships visible again. Invisibility doesn’t last that long.


I don’t see how this a good enough position to replace a fighting ship and actually engage enemy ships. 

I can get to beacons faster. By the time i’m at a beacon and the capture is about/just done. Enemy ships seem to be already there. And the recon, or i, can’t seem to out-maneuver enemy fire. Everyone still seems to pinpoint me while i try to dodge like crazy. Or heck, snipers/long range bombardiers (it is still strange this game has snipers -.- ) can bombard the area at ease. 


Fill me in. 


  • what am i supposed to be doing?

  • do i engage fights or get out?

  • if i have to get out, how?

  • if i have to engage, how?

EDIT: adding another one: -why take a recon over a ship that is made for fighting?

Although the thread is about CovOps, Recon is also discussed from this point onward:


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19308-how-to-use-a-covert-op-inty/#entry198037)