[NB]Tutorial is not related to the choosen Race but to the Race I have contracts with

The Tutorial should get related to the Race I choose if I play the game first time.

I choosed jericho but I get Tutorial stuff for any side I have contracts with.


Basicaly this means I cant yet fullfill some Tutorial stuff because I have the wrong ships to do so and choosed to contract with for example Armada because I need the weapons and co.



I aint sure if this a Bug but I think it aint logical that the Tutor changes always.



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Afaik you get tutorial missions based on the race you have contracts with (legion, techs, vanguard etc)

I did not exspected this beavior but if it’s ntended it aint a Bug.



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The faction specific parts probably aren’t a bug, but I feel the Race specific parts are a bug.  Many of the missions I complete as soon as they’re offered.  It’s a nice free boost.

The missions are not part of the tutorial, it’s just something to get you started with the nation you contracted with, i.e. rewards are mostly modules for that nation’s main line ships.

The missions are intended to be nation specific and as soon as you contract with a faction of a different nation you get their set of missions instead, dropping your current missions, if any (they will become available to you again when you contract to one of their factions once more).