[NB]Terrible Pings During Australian Peak Time

Really enjoying Star Conflict but have been noticing my ping is terrible around Australian peak times - my other Australian friends have been noticing the same.


When I first started playing my ping was around 200ms at all times and that was fine. Now if I log on at Australian peak times it sits at around 420 ms. This makes it almost impossible to play - especially as an interceptor where the client side prediction can’t handle the delay at high speed and I end up spinning around in uncontrollable circles. No idea why this has started happening, my ping is fine for most similar games like WoT or LoL.


I really want to keep playing but this is a deal breaker if it can’t be fixed =(

I’m at 300 and play fine.  


A mate is on Optus and currently our connection to Singapore goes via the USA.  What is your ISP?


Should be a passing thing once they get the cables sorted out.