[NB]Ship Details

Since the last patch, I have been unable to see the fine details of my ships. I can see the hull, shield, energy, and speed quantities, but I can no longer see my hull resistances, shield resistances, rotation speeds, etc. I have attached an image showing the extent of what I can see about my ships. I thought it was something happening to everybody, but some of my friends are able to see every detail of every ship without having to press anything. When I try pressing control it only shows me how much the 4 things I am able to see are altered by (example shown hereĀ http://joxi.ru/uploads/prod/20130528/a7e/1ac/593800c8fbb8e7d39c42a7de38b9259e76337aa8.jpg?v=2.1.2), but not any of the other details I used to be able to see. Is it something with the Steam client of Star Conflict? Has anybody had this problem and were able to fix it?


[This](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19814-how-do-i-see-ship-bonuses-15-crit-etc/) may help you.