[NB] rediculous wait time 5 x 5 min

says 5 min max, waited over 25 mins. for a t1 queue. solo I get those back to back. Finally we gave up.


With the current MM, you need another squad in front of you. If nobody is playing squads in the same tier, you are not going to have a game. If you get more than 5 minutes, I recommend you just queue alone, hit the button at the same time and wait for the best.


This only happens in Tier 1. So far I didn’t have problems playing in squad from tier 3 to tier 5 at standard EU times. Tier 2 should be the same also.

It’s not a bug, for a 3 player squad there must be a second 3-4 player squad in the queue for balance reasons. In Tier 1 that’s unusual.

It’s not a bug, but the 5 minute maximum wait time is either useless or a lie.

Not a bug, MM working as intended. Locking.