[NB] Newest update broke the game

I keep getting a message like showed in the picture. Have all the updates on my computer and was able to play fine right before the update went live. It doesn’t tell me the specific problem.  post-251103-0-59982800-1411618366.png

Support for 10.6x has been cut. 

Mac OS

Due to OS restrictions, fullscreen mode can no longer be activated in Mac OS X
Fullscreen window mode is still available
Mac OS X versions 10.6.х and lower are no longer supported







Are you sure you are not using 10.6.x version or lower?

Oh didn’t realize they cut the support for 10.6.x. Thank you for the reply

Which OS are you using by any chance? If I’m not wrong the free upgrade to Mavericks is still available. 

The upgrade to Maverick is still free. I just did that and everything works fine again. I did not realize it was free since most software upgrades are not. I didn’t originally read the patch notes very carefully but and admin or moderator is free to take this down since it is not technically a bug. But for others it might be nice if they made a sticky advertising the free OS X upgrade so that a similar post does not pop up.