[NB]Loss of UI

My UI suddenly turned off for no apparent reason in game mid-lock. From what I can see there are no longer any UI control options on the key-binding, so I do not know why this would happen. Could not regain UI for remainder of match while attempting to check key options and spam keyboard. Returned to hanger with no further issues…


Was in mid flight control while locking an enemy engineer in my Garm. 

was pressing a+w+shift+r+space left-mouse and may have thrown a tab in there to check my teams local, and maneuvered a Q to rotate. 


To note no-one attempted to kill me during this, so I doubt any interceptor disables were targeting me.

Looking at log appears there was some sort of issue with nanobots.

Occurred about a minute or so before I hit print screen.

19:07:57.751 - 19:11:18.483 was the last time i assisted anyone so between there I lost my UI

[2014.01.14 18.20.40.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=7282)

Alt+H is the shortcut to hide / show UI. It is not in the key bindings section.

Alt+H is the shortcut to hide / show UI. It is not in the key bindings section.

I might have actually hit that since I was flying an engie and bound h to cancel target and may have been attempting to duck behind some rocks before they came. (Don’t like my drones flying out alone into enemies for easy pickoff.)




So chalk this up to lack of keybind support / info on hide ui.

Pretty much the same here. I copied my Freespace 2 key bindings a little and set H to lock enemy targeting me and added G as the unlock option. In the same Freespace manner i kept T as ‘target any’ (which should be ‘target nearest’). Just had a fiesta with the ‘target any’ yesterday and it simply wouldn’t lock a target in my sensor range (very close), but all the enemies one by one across the map - several matches x(



  • Hide / Show UI needs key binding option

  • ‘target any’ needs to be changed to ‘target nearest’ (or ‘nearest’ added)

  • ‘target any’ needs to be changed back to ‘target nearest’ (or ‘nearest’ added)


As already stated Alt+H disables the HUD.