Ok after choosing a sector the bid was like 161 influence points, we had a total of 527 influence points. Now we have the sector we choose but there is only 27 inflence points and we gotten those in recent matches. What is going on this is not the only time and several times we have put tickets in for this same reason. It not only slows our getting sectors, but does make it almost useless to go into sector battles. Come on lets get it straight so we can atleast keep the game going. Plus keep on working on getting anti-hack into the system. This and other games you have need that software to keep people honest. one that comes to mind would be PUNKBUSTER!.

If your afraid of loosing members or gamers look at the outflow now!. Thanks X90_OP

First of all, mandatory reply to your writing style:

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/21761-well-christmas-pilots/?p=245201](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21761-well-christmas-pilots/?p=245201)

(i have a feeling that you never read replies to your posts, since 10 out of 13 posts are made in some stupid font, color, italic form, i am pretty sure quite a few people pointed out to you for pretty much post of yours)



2d, it works as intended, when you bid on a sector you bid ALL of your influence, not minimum bid, so if you win an auction on a sector you pay ALL of your influence, but if someone else have more influence than you and they win that sector, you keep all of your influence and can bid it on something else.

Working as intended, not a bug, locked.