[NB]Implant Beta-accelerator "Predator" is not working.

Implant Beta-accelerator “Predator” is not working.
eg. i have this implant and ship Deimos(on other ships also not working).
AB use is 122en/s. Max energy regen is 108en/s(with green Voltage regulator II +16.5%)
implant reduce AB energy use by 17%, so AB will use 101.26en/s.
but AB dry my energy empty, i dont get 17% reduction.




Ships only benefit from implants of their rank and lower. Deimos is R4, Predator is R7. 



This is not a bug, as mentionned by Jacxis, An Implant does not affect ships with a lower rank than the implant.

A ship rank 4 can not be affected by an Implant rank 7.

Like many things this is something a new player is never told by the game itself, they really need to flesh out all those descriptions and/or the tutorials as we are moving closer to release.