[NB]Eclipse Launcher bug/firing issue



If I have my Engineer, like Valor with Eclipse Launcher weapon equipped and there is an interceptor behind me, very close on left or right side, or behind me, near the engine exhaust…

I can use free-aim option or normal aim option to fire. But whenever I do that, firing rate decreases under certain angles, so instead up to 12 shots, I fire 3 and at a slower pace and overheat.

The gun simply overheats, if I try to adjust my aiming, after 3 shots in backwards/left/right side direction, but not in the front.




Why does it fire slower and why does it overheats, when it fires just 3 shots, from behind, or far left and right side?

Why can’t you fire more shots under certain angles, like in the front? In the front you can fire fast and up to 12 times, before the weapon overheats.

The gun overheats slower and fires faster with more shots fired on the front firing arch. Why?


Here is a very short video clip: Remove () sign, so that only . remains.





This is not a bug but an Intended mechanics due to the “Barrels Rotation Firing Cycle” to prevent the weapon to only shoot with 1 weapon slots without any malus.

It’s following the same mechanics as the Coil Mortar.

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