[NB] Customization colour issue

Ok so i was bored waiting for a match and played around with the custom colours. I made my Inquisitor black on all 3 colours. Is there a receipt for that GS i spent somewhere? 

The reason I ask - the next day i was bored again…and chose a preset for the same ship and paid for that. But i cannot go back to the black on all 3 colours i had before.

Pls advise?

Not a bug. If you paint a ship and then paint it again the first painting is lost.

Not cool because the colour then shows ‘no expiration’ on it. That means it does not expire. And i paid for the first one.

This is a bug.



This is not a bug.

When you buy a paintjob or a Preset, you will keep it until you decide to choose another one.

Also, when you are changing a ship with already a preset/paintjob, this warning appears :


The terms “No expiration” are here because you can also buy a paintjob/Preset for a limited duration (7 days).