[NB] Attacked Sectors : Infinite Escorts Launching from Transport Ship Glitch

I’ve encountered this glitch thrice in the last two days. The glitch is that there seems to be infinite numbers of escort ships launching from transport ship. The first time i saw this was in Iridium Haul and it was from a Cyber Transport Ship. the next two times i saw it in Jericho home space.







For some reasons your screenshots are broken, could you use http://imgur.com to upload them?

Am I missing something? All I see is a gfx glitch.

Is that lag thing where you see the trail of a ship going very fast and in random directions. As you can see, you have a very high ping and packet loss, so this happens. It’s nothing to worry about tho. 


I’ll edit the title.

i’ve seen this a few times aswell. one of my eyebrows shot straight up when i saw it lol

This just seems to be when escorts materialise inside or too close to a cargo ship, they fly off and whip back to the cargo ship very fast, leaving these trails. You can actually sit in a cargo ship spawn and your ship will do the same thing - easiest way to test is in Crimson Haze PvE.