[NB] Assignments for Empire and Federation are stuck.

I’m not sure if this is the right section to post it in as I doubt it’s related to it being the Linux version of the game, however since I am running that version and this forum category exists… well:


(posting here after receiving a reply to my ticket stating to post it here)


My Jericho faction assignment total show as 33/33. My Empire and Federation assignments total are stuck at 1/33, 1/33. No quest/npc popups on changing contracts. I’m rank 9 with each, and I’ve purchased all the DLCs via Steam, I have all the starter ships etc. There was some glitch previous to this where my assignments total for Jerico went back to 1/27 from 27/27 (before it was 33); but then ‘reset’ back to the correct numbers. I’m not sure if that’s related and if that’s where the assignments just got stuck.


I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, but I guess I could also be missing something obvious?

Also while I’ve linked my account (only recently, I didn’t have an account here before needing to file a ticket - all through Steam), it doesn’t seem to register any changes (no purchases appeared on the gaijin profile thingy). I’m not sure how to verify it, in other words as I can’t see any difference pre-linking and post-linking - other than not being able to select the option again ingame.


EDIT: The npc quest popup there in the screenshot is from the Invasion CB. Not regular assignment related.

EDIT2: Everything’s resolved/No bug.

I guess you’ve indeed missed something somewhat obvious. This is not a bug, you have to be in the Empire hangar, and then the Empire assignments will pop up. Same will happen with Federation.

You just have to go Invasion and fly to the Empire and Federation hangar (or you can pay 100 GS to go there directly without traveling), and you will be able to do the assigments.


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Edit: If you have tried going to the other hangars and the assigments don’t show, please tell me.

Yup, seems to have worked. Just completely missed that. :014j:

Way too much beer and a steam sale. Still feeling dirty. :frowning:

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