[NB] All Weapons and Modules gone when I logged on today.

Hello Support,


I am writing to you to inform you of a problem that I have. Yesterday I bought a brand new Templar AE ship and had most of the modules and weapons upgraded to Level 2. When I logged on today all the slots were empty and none of weapons and modules I bought is there :frowning:


There are no other problems that I am aware of since I am very new to the game and spent a lot of hours over the weekend to upgrade my account. Looking at what I had spent on buying and upgrading the weapons and modules I almost want to cry because it will take many hours to get all those credits back again.


Before I logged off last, I saw that I can buy ships from other factions. So I bought a ship from another faction and started upgrading it before I went to bed.


I am not sure if I will be able to recreate the problem, in fact I am too scared to even try because I am not sure what will happen next.


You are more than welcome to check my account to see how much I have played and I really worked very hard to build up my account. To buy and upgrade everything I had again, will probably cost me 3mil Credits and that is MANY hours of play for a low rank player to make up.


Is there any way you can help me ?

I can confirm that this person here still have hes Templar AE ship but all hes moduels have been gone missing is possibly he have sold them and he does’t remember


I leave the investigations to the Moderator.

and the modules are not in your warehouse?

@CrystalJack: I know that I did not sell it. What I did try and explain to you was that Support will be able to see if it was “sold” or at least what happened to my Weapons and Modules.


@YeahAlex: Yeah mate, I’ve looked everywhere for it. I did not remove it from my ship and I only have 1x T3 ship so there is no chance that I used them on another T3 ship.

Guys, I am terribly sorry it is after all my mistake. (this is so very embarrassing).


I bought an Ira Deus and all my gear is on that ship. Not sure why my Templar was loaded.


Really sorry about that. :fed014:

haha it happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Tittle Edited.



I bought an Ira Deus and all my gear is on that ship. Not sure why my Templar was loaded.