[NB] Active Module (EM Scattering Field) No longer works! since PATCH 0.11.2

I just upgraded my Active Module (EM Scattering Field) last night  from Mk ll to Mk lV

I used over 250k imperial vouchers and over 250 Artefacts I saved up for this to be done.


Everything worked fine as I expected.

Next day.

After the game update Patch 0.11.2  was installed, that module no longer work! in Invasion and neither PVE I tested.

I really hope this is a bug otherwise I want to get a refund on my vouchers and artifacts I used to upgrade that one day ago only!, I would not have upgraded otherwise!


Please tell me its only a bug on the PATCH 0.11.2

Other  players complaining about this too, so I post this on all players behalf.

Since EM Scattering Field was first introduced, it worked in pve and invasion is a bug itself, and Dev just fixed it during this patch. RIP lrf alien farm.



This is not a bug.


Your ship is immune against negative effect, system targeting and your ship does not appear on the Radar.


This module is working as intended :slight_smile:

Maybe the module could be adjusted to work as Active Camo does when in Invasion or PVE? Then work as intended in PVE.

I was thinking LRF alien farming was a bit BS when I have to actually have to work HARD to kill them. Thank you dev team for fixing that.

If not, this is another good reason to have a hot key for ship layouts. Been asked for about a fifty times.

well now its really hard to kill aliens if you are not in a squad of 3-4 people. their health is quite high. 

If you want to farm high level enemies you gotta need teamplay. 


I don’t see anything wrong there. Farm pirates if aliens are too strong.

about time this was fixed

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