NASA Discovery



NASA found evidence of liquid saltwater on Mars. This discovery is HUGE.


Why, you ask? Well, life as we know it on Earth can exist in these saltwater conditions.


My body is ready for followup studies on this evidence. Can anyone say ALIENS??




Here’s thelink to the original publication in Nature, if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, if you do not have a subscription you can’t access the full article. But you can still read the abstract!



No worries.


The Saltwater found on Mars is just my personnal reserve of Salt about ECM.

I’ve read some opinions saying they will avoid making contact with the water so it won’t get contaminated by foreign bacteria. And even if they wanted to make contact, it will take a new mission and a few more years.


but nevertheless, the discovery is promising.

BIG news for people in the NASA and astronomy/astrobiology/all science ever community. People love to think that this either means everything and that we found 100% total proof, or that it means nothing because we didn’t find 100% total proof.


Steps like these are how real scientists do real work in making the big discoveries. It almost never happens all at once. All sorts of major nuclear physics breakthroughs were made before there was even a hint of the Higgs Boson discovery.



 foreign bacteria

The problem is that it’s not only bacteria that can cause problems.

There is a ton of others micro-organisms that can survive in a sleeping form waiting for better “living conditions”.