[NA] Target reticule out of sync

So in game, all of my target boxes are about a mile away from the targets. This is purely a visual bug as my actual reticule seems to be equally out of sync, so on screen I can clearly see the enemy ship is way below the target, I aim and fire at the target lead, and the gun hits, alsot firing equally out of sync.


It’s not really game breaking, but it makes it almost impossible to blind-fire, or to tell friend from foe when their box bears little relation ot their physical location. All started as of last patch (0.7.9):



This picture, you can see the friendly to the right offset above him




and the enemy in this one,





system is:#

Processor: AMD phenom II X6 2.8 GHz

Ram: 4 GB

Graphics: nvidia geforce GTX460

OS: win 7


Yes i’ve tried reinstalling as well as updating relevant graphics drivers. Any ideas?

We got a similar problem posted at russian forums.


Try to change video settings. Windowed/fullscreen, vsync, resolution, shadows etc. When tell about results please.


Update: Russian player changed to fullscreen mode and problem was solved. I hope this will help.

Also check that the d3dres in the config file is the same as the window res

If not try changing it manually

Eugh, don’t you just love it when you change a game’s options in steam and the resolution isn’t supported, but you can’t change it back eh?


Ok so new problem: How do I change the resolution when I can’t see the screen? Changed it to fullscreen proper rather than fullscreen stretch and suddently the resolution wasn’t supported.


(also reinstall doens’t work)

c:\Users\<username>\Documents\My games\StarConflict\user_config.xml


Change to your resolution


<r_3dheight val=“1080” />
    <r_3dwidth val=“1920” />

<r_width val=“1920” />


Or just delete this file and your options will reset to defaults. The new user_config.xml file will be created after new launch.


Warning: change this file only on your own risk.

Is this bug still occuring?