[NA]ship is uncontrolable

I have downloaded the game and choose federation as my faction, when I am playing the tutorial the game is find, its great to play. but when I enter the  PvP , my ship for no reason goes left and right for no reason and I cant shoot

welcome to the club

I think it’s server issues. I’ve had a lot of rubberbanding lately.

I have this problem as well, I have to fly in expert mode or my ship is uncontrollable in basic.


I also have my mouse turned way down and sensitivity turned to the lowest, It is really hard to fly in advanced mode with sensitivity so high, If I barley go outside the circle my ship overcompensates and I end up aiming the wrong direction, I really like this game but the controls are really starting to get annoying and it is effecting my performance and gameplay… 

I’ve also noticed since 9.6 my ship is out of control after the slightest turn. I fly mainly inty’s and they’re uncontrollable. Even using advanced, they jerk and stutter so much it’s near impossible to track the target.


I’ve noticed from about 6pm AEST (+10), about 10am CET (I think that’s server time right?) my ping goes from around 200-250ms upto 350-400ms and thats the end of it, unplayable after that.


Before 9.6 I never had this problem so  consistently. Maybe a couple minutes here and there but never hours on end every day since the patch.

Make sure you are connecting to US/Europe/Russian Servers, whichever is closest to you. Either way, its not a game bug, the lag is getting to be a known issue.

Thanks for letting me know it’s a known issue.

I’ve tried specifically US and EU but didnt notice more than 20-30ms difference.

Will keep my fingers crossed they resolve it soon.

I have trouble with anything smaller than a gunship or tackler, they just wobble and swerve all over the place. It’s like the stabilisation boosters are overcompensating and getting out of whack. I read that it was caused by the +30 rotate speed implant and I removed that and went for the strafe one, It didn’t help.


I have a pretty steady ping from about 250 to 360, I don’t think it’s a lag issue. I think it’s an issue with the power of the stabilising boosters and it might need to be tweaked.

Please add your game logs and Connection Tester logs.