[NA]Game crashing computer

for the past few days now the game has been crashing and completly shutting down my computer. ill be all fine while in the hanger and even for about a min in battle but then the sound starts to stutter then i get a little lag then BAM black screen/or red sometimes and then computer restarts. i just downloaded all the new video card drivers before i even downloaded this game and ive even turned off all programs so the only thing running is steam and the game and i still have this problem… is anyone else having this problem??



i can play all my other games just fine, WOW, SWTOR, Rift, Tribes, and kingdoms of amalur, Forge… all run just fine but this one crashes about 30 seconds into a battle and seams to only have problems with the battles


if anyone has a fix for this please share B^( i having been wanting a game like this since SW Galaxies died. i love this game and really want to keep playing it. i like this game so much i have since cancled all my other subscriptions to other games. so please can someone help me???!!!???

just a lil bump in hopes of someone that can help

Post in appropriate forum http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/forum/84-launcher-game-client-and-connection-issues/’>section

Check your CPU and GPU temperature

Attach game logs as explained http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/15572-how-to-report-client-related-bugs/’>here