[NA]Crash During Battles

Every time I launch SC, the screen will be black and I will hear the game sound and will have to ctrl+alt+tab to see the movies and when I try to multiplier  it will work perfectly fine, but then my screen will go black, tab in and tab out with black screen and then ultimately crash while I run this game perfectly fine on High Settings.


I have an Intel HD Graphics and I hear this game is trying to support Intel, but isn’t there yet


I Also used Steam to download it, or will using the launcher on the site work better for the game?

please use the bug report pattern here


some intel graphics arent supported yet.


Supported video cards:
(Almost) all cards manufactured after 2006, including Intel.


The list is of not supported cards:
Series Radeon X700 - X850 and below (X850, X800, X700, 9550, 9200, etc.)
GeForce series 5 and below (5950, 5600, etc.)
GeForce 6200
Intel GMA (GMA 500​​, GMA 600, etc.)
Series Radeon x1000 (X1800, X1900, X1950, etc.)