[NA]Connection Is Quite Shaky

For some reason, Star Conflict has in the last few weeks, become noticeably slower connection wise. I’ve often gotten into games, and during that game have had moments of almost smooth connection quality. The rest of the time however, I’m seeing delays of more than ten seconds between activating a laser and it actually being fired.


Controls are a lot harder to manage, as I can tell the ship to go in one direction and it instead goes in another, because it’s not picking up what I’m telling it to do until fifteen seconds after it’s made all the previous movements. Modules activate relatively slowly and because of this I can accidentally activate then deactivate a module without realising.


It’s not that my connection is bad, because I can leave the game and start doing other things, I receive a perfectly good connection. But Resource Manager (windows 7) tells me that ‘game.exe’ is sending and receiving no more than 1.5 kb/s up and down, sometimes significantly less. The moments of near-smooth connectivity are the same moments when game.exe gets about 10 kb/s total.


I live in the UK, and can get decent speeds on other applications. I can run a download on the side of playing a game at 1 mb/s (the standard on my connection), and it makes no bit of difference to the game’s connection if I do or do not. In addition, I can download the game updates at around 600kb/s on average.


Any advice or help is appreciated. :)wt

Connecting from Australia is terrible lately aswell. Very rarely a match is aroung ~250 ping which is fine but majority of matches are 350-400 ping and spike to 500-600 with large amounts of packet loss.  This problem runs with all my Australian friends that have also invested money in the game.  Used to be fine for the most part, but the population spike above 2K has made the game unplayable, so I’m thinking maybe more servers need to be hosted?

That’s what I’m thinking, that they’ve just prioritised areas in which there is greater demand to the detriment of us lot in places with less users.

Execute the connection tester utility. You may find it in your Star Conflict\con_test\ folder and attach logs here please