I didnt know where else to put this. When youre in a match with another player and a bot on either team. (2v2 + 2 bots), and your teammate rage quits (<— happens a lot) sometimes the bot ends up doing nothing, but circling their disconnected ship, forcing you into a 1v3 gaurentee loss. Either make these games so you dont get punished/penalized, or fix the bot AI… like, respond to beacons of the highest scoring people, in that order.  so if a 100 point person tries griefing and controlling the bot to go to a useless beacon at the time, the person whos actually trying can manipulate the bot to do whats correct… Ive also had bots in 1v1’s (+ two bots on each team) where covert ops bots just sit there doing nothing, litterally.  Zero points, zero movement, stuck in a rock.also uncool.