[NA] all green

Get some very green screen here, it happens every few missions. Last some 10-15 sec than back to normal.

Please fill out a detailed bug report.

It hapens on mission or loot,suddenly.newer in hangar.there dosent seems to be some trigger.
Sometimes all screen is green and sometimes like half or more, hud and chat are unchanged.

Intel core 2 duo cpu e8500

4gb ram

MB Biostar tpower2

Point of view nvidia 9800gtx+ 512mb

win7 32bit



make sure you dont have a fulty/loose cable

It happens only in this game.everything else works fine.got this computer for few years now and newer had a similar problem.perhaps time to buy new =D

TBH this looks like a dei’ing card to me :frowning:


Friend of mine had a problem similar to this on his old card while playing BF2. Card died shortly afterwards.

“Only with this game” might mean that Star Conflict is using particular shader which your card starts to struggle with. Don’t know what you mean by “few” but as a general rule of thumb (assuming that you care for your card, cleaning the dust off it etc) 5 years + of intensive gaming is about as much as card can handle (9800gtx is card from 2008, right?). 


Monitoring your card and associated hardware temperatures would be handy too…

Card is from 2009.is was monitoring temp. it is 40-45 on idle and 65-75 when playing games.i havent seen green screen from the last update of game.

Is your Grahpic Driver up to date? Is your Direct X up to date?


Please have a look on your graphic settings. If there are custom settings, please reset default settings or let the application decide.


Please have a look on these points. If you still have this issue please respond.