N Cortes "Convoy Guard" mission

what a good mission that no marker on map to help to find where is that convoy’s zone.DEVs have to make new UI for missions to mark where player go.i spent 4 hour to find it and tadaaa “nothing found”

I guess you encountered this problem in one of the invasion contacts.


Here’s how I do that mission:


  1. Use a recon ship with a good sensor range, boost that range to 8000m~12000m with one or two Enhanced Scanners (can be purchased in Computer Modifier section). 


  1. Go to the designated location. 


  1. Fly from gate to gate (as you got a good sensor range, you only need to fly to the distance that the gate can be scanned by your sensor, and go on to the next gate) until you find a friendly cargo ship and join its convoy. The convoy will lead you to the finish line so keep close to it. If anything happens(e.g. cargo ship destroyed during the process), don’t worry, just redo this step. You will find another cargo ship sometime later (most likely a few minutes). 


I hope this will help you out. 

These missions can be a bit annoying because it only counts if you are close to the convoy when it jumps.


What system are you supposed to be escorting it through? If it’s transport hub then just fly to the gate for Ontregos Drift and wait - it’ll turn up before long.


Also, pay attention to the kill messages. If you see messages saying that Escorts or Imperial Transports are dying, then someone or something is killing your cargo ship.

ok i found it after 8 hour gameplay

Thanks, feedback has been forwarded.

Yeah, I hate to be asking for “easy mode” but virtually every good space sim always has good mission markers that at least point you to the relative location where a spawn of some sort is supposed to happen to with-in something like 2-4km at most (where whatever is supposed to happen is going to appear on the radar of ANY ship regardless of their sensor configuration). The same can be said for any potential optional mission objectives or mission givers and certain trade opportunities… like cargo drones.


I mean I have personally seen Cargo drones like maybe twice in my entire time in Invasion since CBT to now, and I can never find one when I need one because I’m assuming some people are just farming none-stop on high-tier Tacklers or Cov-Ops and using the drones before I can even spot where they spawn. Why can’t the map just show us potential Cargo drone locations on the map? Is it bad if more people other than the secretive super testers in large corporations know where they are?


I like the ‘exploration’ element for finding cargo/stashes/resources, but when my cargo is full and I’m in a danger zone, the last thing I want to do is fly around until I finally find one of the many camping Cov-Ops ships who could care less about Karma, nor can carry the few bits of cargo that could actually make my time flying around in Invasion mode being completely unproductive.


Being able to find basic core stuff of the game easier eliminates player ‘frustration,’ without actually diminishing any real challenge… unless stubbornly flying around for hours trying to find something simple and not worth the effort counts as “challenge”… that was rhetorical, it does not. Frustration =/= challenge, although a challenge can be frustrating… the relationship simply does not work the other way since the terms are not mutually exclusive.