Mysterious Container - generated loot based on player's stats + general rules (only with Spatial Scanner)

Mysterious Container can either be found at certain spots, if you know their exact location. They can also be detected and tracked with a Spatial Scanner, until they are uncloaked and collected.

I am proposing slightly different calculation system, which would determine the outcome of content within Mysterious Container with one simple change.

This means that system, based on random loot content will only come in effect for players without a Spatial Scanner.

For the players with a Spatial Scanner, the loot can be calculated by player’s statistics , or with increased base %.


We got only 1 option.

We also need different general rules for mysterious container itself.

As I already explained, we can determine this through general rules and player’s statistics.


System based on randomness and luck should be entirely eliminated for players , which do own at least one Spatial Scanner and have it equipped on their CPU slot.

So , you own it and you use it at the same time, to get this benefit.

For those, who don’t agree with this, they don’t have to have Spatial Scanner equipped.


This is not P2W mechanic , but it would at least mostly or entirely eliminate constant, boring, repetitive and tedious search and grind within Invasion , to get much needed T4/T5 blueprints in general.

In short, it would only encourage players to buy at least one Spatial Scanner , to get the blueprint they need. This is really the best way to support developers.

If the game stays like it is now, I will start to hate, just because I am being forced to play Invasion, if I want to get the blueprints at my earliest convenience.


Important notice : Only applies, if you scan and uncloak a mysterious container with a Spatial Scanner.



General rules for Mysterious Container : ( blueprints, loyalty vouchers, credits )


Rank   7 danger sectors should always spawn T4 weapons and modules. (20% base chance)

Rank 10 danger sectors should always spawn T5 weapons and modules. (20% base chance)


Pirate version (T4 and T5) of blueprints are always present only in Raider’s Range , Smuggler’s Hideout and Sorting Facility. (20% base chance)

Pirate version (T5 only) of blueprints are always present only in Fort Muerto. (25% base chance)


Empire Loyalty Vouchers should only be found in Empire Sectors. (75% chance)

Federation Loyalty Vouchers should only be found in Federation Sectors.(75% chance)

Jericho Loyalty Vouchers should only be found in Jericho Sectors. (75% chance)


Loyalty Voucher** s**(Friend or Foe module- 15000 points) system only applies, if you obtainedall of the blueprints in general (100% completion in the Workshop).

Every scan is much more likely to reward you with loyalty vouchers. With 25% difference, if it’s currently in effect, you should get credits - thermal cooling unit or light cell ).


Tier III, IV, V Spatial Scanners do not give any additional base % bonuses.

They enable you to get blueprints much faster, since they rely on player’s statistics much more, than on luck based system (random generated content).





Based on player’s stats + general rules


Currently equipped ship (Standard, Premium or Secret Project)


Standard/Premium T4/T5 ship (20% / 25% base chance increase)

Secret Project (25% + 10% = 35% base chance increase)


System checks the user “Koromac” for missing content and finds 1 match.

If there is more than 1 match, it’s irrelevant. Loot, which is not in user’s Workshop is still prioritised.

(example: T5 Positron Cannon blueprint)


User “Koromac” knows that T5 Positron Cannon blueprint uses Vanguard/loyalty vouchers currency).

I am heading for Federation Space in rank 10 danger Sector, like Research Center.

I am using T5 Secret Project ship - “Octopus”.


20% + 35% = 55% chance of getting one! 45% is based on randomness/luck based mechanic.

Each new scan of the mysterious container, if the one I got was not the one I was looking for, adds 5% for every collected mysterious container further on.

55% + 9 x 5% = 100% guaranteed chance of finally getting the blueprint I need. (worst case scenario)

Each mysterious container spawns every 5 minutes (I had to spend 45 minutes + searching time to get approximalely 50 minutes to 1 hour in Invasion, so I can obtain this blueprint).

If I migrate in another danger 10 sector, the progress in this sector will not be reset. If I dock, my progress won’t be reset and it will be saved.



This is the only acceptable system. The existing system is not acceptable in current state or form.

However, if some users prefers this system, they can still have it, but without spatial scanner so that they get (random generated loot) blindfolded for maximum experience of luck based mechanic.




With respect,  Koromac

Stop trying to make the RNG favorizing you. It’s not going to happen.

Stop trying to make the RNG favorizing you. It’s not going to happen.


RNG system still stays in place. it’s just being reduced to “acceptable” levels.

please stay at the topic

RNG < Spatial Scanner


Whoever knows that we could assume, that it’s logical and a good idea to invest some money (at least on 50% sales) to get one.

We would all get benefits, since developers need source of income from us.


You can clearly invest 10 EUR or Dollars to get one on 50% sale.

Now it’s not so worth it, but if this would get implemented, it would definitely be.


This should be implemented, since the suggestion [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26202-invasion-only-mark-v-blueprint-designs-alternate-meansoption-to-unlock-them-no-invasion-mode-required/) was discarded.

In my opinion it should be carefully reviewed again, in case of any misunderstanding.

Assessed and forwarded to the developers, gekaler?

please consider this and explain further


there are multiple player on the same map and the container atm contains a fix loot, i.e. same no matter who collects it

please consider this and explain further


there are multiple player on the same map and the container atm contains a fix loot, i.e. same no matter who collects it

It is already mentioned.

Only a person, which uncloaks it - the closest one in its “cloaked” or “invisible” range of a Mysterious Container, generates the loot inside.

When it appears, the loot generated is based on your stats. If you don’t collect it, but someone steals it, because you weren’t fast enough, the loot won’t change.

damn, so I missed it…so much to read, I think I skipped this line


this may work, let me forward

damn, so I missed it…so much to read, I think I skipped this line


this may work, let me forward

Thank you!

Let me know the feedback, if possible.

We like the idea. Perhaps we will think about this in the future.

We like the idea. Perhaps we will think about this in the future.

Thank you.

It’s unfair that people can only rely on luck, instead of their stats and time spent in Invasion.

It’s obvious that this is much friendlier and fairer version. We would gain more people back as a result.

About the chance of finding items based on your lvl and stats,

i like to mention somthing and i dont mind if its a good idea are not , i wud like to see an option when you right click on the scanner (in the hanger) “items” and that you can activate and de activate some of the things you can find in open sace.

like for an example if i dont wanne detect fuel, then i deactivate it. or if i dont wanne see the enemys or i do wanne see them , then you can activate and deactivate that aswell. and maybe it wud be nice for all the items (makes it easyer to work towards your ship building)

I think that all your problems would be solved simply by prioritizing blueprints you dont own (once you get a BP, theres a much higher chance you get one you dont own instead of some BP already learned/at armory) and increase succes chance of important rewards (BPs and vouchers). Any way this kind of issues wouldnt happen with trade, as you know since you have experience trading in open space.

  • to DeadlyConcepta idea, seems great.

It’s a bit complicated but i agree. +++ from me

If such change doesn’t happen, at least consider:


If the loot is already set before we interact with it, let it stay green on spatial scanner indicators if it’s a blueprint we already have, so we will leave it alone. To reveal and loot a blueprint a player already has is a huge waste.

Anyone looking for loot solving problems, lets try it the old fashioned way [here.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/29804-open-space-trade/)