My xenochips have disappeared

What to do:

  1. Log in to forums. Done!

  2. Go to Bug Report section Done!

  3. Choose a subforum and create a new thread with the clearest name (For example, “Fatal error in the menu”). Done.!

  4. Describe a way to reproduce:
    Complete the holiday missions and then have the xenochips disappear the next day.
    This is now at least 2 days in a row that this has happened. And it is quite frustrating.

  5. Attach archived game logs and DxDiag (System Information Profile for Mac OS) file to a message by using “More reply options” (see information below)

I did not send all the requested files.
I have win10 and the files you list were not were you say they are.
If you need comp info… I can’t imagine why because the issue is with your end…
If you need more info then send me an email detailing the info you need.

As it stands now I am owed me at least 20 xenochips. Possibly more.
Your records should show that they were awarded.
If they show they were spent then your records are wrong.


known bug, changing hangers should bring them back

fixed, update your game client