My Thoughts after 2 and half days

So after playing for two and a half days and getting a good understanding of what is going on inside the game I have some thoughts.


  1. The game looks and plays amazing.

  2. Mouse and KB is the best way too play for accuracy purposes and it feels good and natural

  3. Good community

  4. I have told several of my gaming community friends too sign up for this game.


  1. T3 vs lower techs = slaughter. I do hardly any damage to them in my tech II inty or tech 1 assault meanwhile they can PUMMEL me with ease. This is mostly do too lack of people playing and i understand that

  2. Skill tree is VERY confusing. Having played MANY games since back in the Ultima Online and everything since. The skill do not really give a good explanation nor a good description on what they unlock.

  3. I see the tabs for ships stats and such. I know this is not in game yet but if we could have a forums post about what each ship had hull / shield / speed wise. We could better understand each upgrade ship. Say from the T1 attack ship vs the T1 attack ship the seems to cost more money.

  4. Ships firing behind them selves. Turrets and such in space I would assume with this type of technology too fire behind but as far as gameplay goes it is not fun too get into a dog fight and get the jump on someone from behind (like a WWII Dog fight) to have them just shoot behind like its nothing. It makes it a tad bit less like a dog fight and more like who has better ship/tech level IMO.


Keep up the good work the game is a BLAST too play (so says my manager at work who watched me sleep on break)

I may not have seen this yet if it is posted but show us a few things you are all working on for short or long term.

Enable friends list asap :slight_smile:

Also maybe allow skill reset too be free so we can test different things easier? Although 10 coins seem to be nothing.

Maybe if possible incorporate google translate because I do not know Russian ( I wish I had learned it at some point in my life now that I have played EvE for years and the Sim WWII Community and now this game) Not something serious or if its even possible

Give us a few invites to get some of our friends in here. I was on that teamspeak server last night for a bit and not 1 person came in that speaks english (saw a few Russian people enter the rooms) Playing games with friends make the game 20x better even if it was Hello Kitty Online :slight_smile:

Loving the game and enjoying myself!!! Lets hope i can get T2 Attack Ship Tonight

I agree with both cons and pros. This game could be a good team orinetated space shooter. I wish they change the interceptor and give it a fixed, forward looking guns instead of turrets. Attack ships and mostly frigates could have turrets, because those are less agile and they defenses are also not so good.

most things you’re askin already described in other thread actually… but there’s my opinion again…

About T3/T4 vs lower tier actually blamed to the lack of player make the system forced to do so… it become seldom recently with more player appear…

about control… actually imo Wing-Man type joystick (the one ussualy used for space combat games) could do better works for aiming than mouse, a long interceptor fight might become tedious with mouse due limited mouse movement (depend on mouse area / pad you give). while about ship movement i think keyboard already acomodate better…

but again… those are my opinion…

skill tree actually not that confusing… the one make it confuse to most ppl is lack description information, especialy most description isnt clear or cutted (but i think someone in there said with higher resolution you can read em all…) … not everyone are tech geek which could get what it mean just by the tech-skill name…

same with ship status… it just lack description despite some ppl could guess already what they do…

about 360 degree firing… im not sure… dunno… maybe cause im not really pvp-fps person, but even with 360 degree firing, the fight for me still hard…

I agree with most of it.

The skill trees are somewhat understandable, there are descriptions but some of the descriptions are cut off.

The fighters, I would say at least limit fighters to the main view point, like disable the other view point for fighters which would indead disable 360 firing, granted there would still be something of an arc but it wouldn’t be behind.

With the way the game is right now, I feel the best control scheme is MnKB but that is really all opinion, everyone has their preferred controls, I tried a pad and yeah, I did pretty badly.


One thing I’m still not liking, granted it’s a beta, is the lack of a control changing UI, the ability to invert the mouse through either viewport, like I wouldn’t invert the primary camera, but I would the secondary (360 view point) because my brain is xxxx.

Against, I understand it’s beta, but even after, if the matches aren’t restricted to the same tier ships, it is going to be unballanced. I have been chewed apart in my Tier 1 by a tier 2, just straight up chewed. I wouldn’t mind fighting other tiers if the ships were still more closely matched, but they aren’t, lmao.

STILL OVERAL LOVELY GAME :smiley: keep up the good work, I’ll be playing this more than Black Prophecy… which I haven’t played in a long time actualy, lmao.

Joystick support is a must IMO. Not having it would cut profits for sure.

Joystick support is a must IMO. Not having it would cut profits for sure.

I agree. There are too many controls on the ship to keep track on a keyboard, especially if you’re a Lefty and not used to playing with ASWD movement.

I do think the ships are much smoother than in Black Prophecy, where the jittering thing always bugged me. My BP name is “James T Kirk” :slight_smile: