My Reputation as a Spy/Apology

Fellow Pilots,


In light of the recent debates/fights over the espionage ordeal, I would like to clarify my actions and issue an apology. 


As my brother already stated: _Undoubtedly espionage is a powerful tool in the right hands. Understanding how the enemy thinks is an extreme advantage, even more so then knowing his tactics, plans or ways of operation. _As a spy, the intention was never to destroy or bring down a corporation, rather to gain intel. If you know how a rival/enemy clan conducts itself, you will have a significant advantage over them. Although this may not be very evident right now, the coming patches will give corporations a bigger role in game, so to speak, and espionage will become a big part of the game. 

As for what I did to Dynamo, well…It was indeed childish and immature, but it was hysterical. 


Hence, I would like to extend an apology to the corps I infiltrated, specifically SM, NASA, and DYN2. You guys are a great bunch :smiley:


Espionage will not stop though, so my advice to all you CEOs, get working on anti-spy tactics, and root out the spies you already have (and youve got a lot). 


Again I am sorry, The intent was never to wipe out rosters or get players banned. 

Fly safe pilots. 



Regarding Vin, he is a spy, and was removed from EVO accordingly. His attempts to try and prove otherwise are a failure. 



How about we make up on some bacon apple pie?


/topic cleaned and closed!

Guys keep the trolling out of the forum!

If you have any problems with another player, have a personal talk with him or evade him, but don’t use the forum for your personal problems!