My problems with the buisness model

Star conflict is free to play so that means that it will be grindy to play for free but still an enjoyable experience(this may be a liberal use of enjoyable). I think the best way to show my problems is to do a tier by tier analysis to focus on the bottlenecks.


Tier 1 this tier is where new players experiment with there ships and get accustomed too there ship roles this tier goes by the fastest with few problems in either credit or synergy. So tier 1 is probably maybe a bit too short but otherwise no problems here

Tier 2 This is the excitement tier where player unlock a good variety of new weapons and modules this tier is much slower than tier 1 but isn’t that much a grind. synergy and credit cost do start to increase by a very significant amount, but ultimately this isn’t the problem.

Tier 3 This is the tier of tears the grind to end all grinds the bottleneck of star conflict. Sure the cost aren’t that bad but synergy cost grow to much higher numbers, and ship cost increase almost exponentially especially in between tier 3 and tier 4. The bottleneck starts when new players grind out pvp for synergy but find it extremely difficult, because tier 3 is the pvp tier. So this means newer players are going to be frustrated and may even be shunned by the former tier4/5 players. What happens now is that many people play pve and stock up on credits which inevitably gets spent on green equipment to do better in pvp. What happens now is that the credit stock pile is depleted but the next ship is available for purchase. Now what happens is either a perseverance to tier 4 or quitting the game.

Tier 4 this tier is the promise land the gold at the end of the grind I think this tier is done pretty well but doesn’t offer to much in the way of new items

Tier 5 this is the ghost tier no one plays it cause of problems which are very evident


So in all there is a casual player bottleneck at tier 3 the people who play the game at most 2-3 hours every day. of course every tier is more expensive then the last but for tier 3 the cost increase far too much. There are players who will have no problems with tier 3 but they are mostly hardcore dedicated players. This is why the player base isn’t growing that much as virtually every causal player gives up at tier 3.


Fixing this would be simple just reduce the cost of tier 3 or increase the income the secant is to make tier 5 what it should be pvp for veteran players and they can and have been telling how to make tier 5 better cough cough ecm cough cough

It’ll never change. Nice name tho. Httyd fan…

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Posted 03 April 2015 - 05:17 PM

As stated above by Error, and not much to be added just that all economy in game related fields are not to be changed anytime soon.

I’d like to know what are your “evident” problem behind the ghostly t5… I think it’s the most interesting of all… I don’t even have fully upgrade t3 modules but my 4 t5 ships are full mkIV / V, coz it’s where I was having fun (and old SeCon).


Tournaments and SeCon are in t3. Why the hell would you go further? T3 is the endgame…

By now. T4 is useless in the current game progression, and I find it boring when you can play either the populated t3 or the more customisable t5. T5 give the best ships to go in invasion. Yeah poor game design I agree.


Plus, as comrades said : devs stated that it won’t be change in the near future (which is 1 or 2 year for Gaijin). And I think they are just fine with it.

how can you comment on t5 when you dont even own any t5 ships.

T4 is most balanced tier in the game. T5 have some unbalanced things and ECM fest. T3 is most populated because you can level to it quickly and have cool unique premium ships.

T5 and T4 have almost the same stats of weapon / ship. It’s not unbalanced, ships are just more durable in t4. Add the fact that almost nobody waste valuable ressource to improve T4 modules, hence majority of players fly with mk II module. And that’s maybe why you find it more “balanced”.


ECM modules have same duration in t3 / t4 / t5. I agree they are a bit annoying, but if you find there is to much of them in meta, run a positron barrier and laugh at them when they try to freeze you. I can do similar ecm build in t3 and t5 with the same efficiency.