My opinion so far

the way you have the economy set up for micro-transactions is almost perfect , dont change much with that , it allows people to play the game for free and people who want to spend a bit of money save some time.

The controls are great , but i keep getting the feeling this game would be so much more awesome if you could be in the cockpit and dogfight with other interceptors more like you see in the movies.

I like how the controls work , you can move in almost all directions just like in real space flight. The only issue is that even with radical manuevers you cant dodge missles that easy.

also i would like to say that the designers of these ships are incredible , these are easily the most aethstetically pleasing spaceships i have ever seen. Incredibly well done.

The ship designers are awesome, and not only them. The entire team is awesome. The graphics are unbelievably pleasing both tecnically and artistically, the controls are perfect (takes me back to “Darkstar One” from Ascaron). If you do what is discribed on this topic, this game I would play for the rest of my life: Game Overhaul Suggestion

OK first of i`ve only given it about 2 hours: looks great nice sound very colourful bright and alive look to it great job , movement in game is different but fun and challenging (i was hoping more flight sim type game play) but this new and i like it.

weapons, equipment, computers, skills, hull, buffs, debuffs, cloaks, snipe, boosts, woo woo woo come on the skill tree alone you can write a book about it or monthly magazine.

seems like you got everbodys ideas put them in a bowl and instead of picking afew pulled them all out and them sum (could be hard keeping a balance with so many roots and loadouts soon you`ll see just one loadout )

THE PLAYER SERVER MATCH UP GOT TO GO this is terible is iam going to play the likes of bf2 i will look at the server browser and pick a match myself i will not sit watch a clock to do it for me 2hrs and only 20mins play not good

if i am killed then let me respawn if i have 1 ship then thats the only ship i can respawn in (ships become like weapons kits or load outs for a given situation) ie assault,support,medic,sniper or fighters frigates escorts line carrier

one thing i see which i would not tollerate is sitting waitng for a battle to end because i was unlucky to not have another ship to take out , thats a sure thing to early quitting even if i logged out and in again i could`nt start a battle.

the only way forward for me would be for me to choose my own server by looking at a list and seeing the amount of players and bots (i hate bots no bots but if you must have them at least let us choose our side and let the bots fill the spaces)

and no more sitting waiting for the round to end let us back into the fight we want to fight,we dont like to watch(after all this is capture the flag in space if we can respawn the battle will last longer and instead of the best guns wining the day tactics will help the weak)

sorry for the spelling all

i dont mean to be negative

it realy is looking great good job all :slight_smile:

Actually, the dog fighting works fine I found. You do have to use q and e to roll

You do have to use q and e to roll

I only use the 360 degrees mode…


we need barrel roll and quick “turning back” for interceptors

Barrel roll can be done with Q and E.

Turning back can be done best by Interceptors, so theres no need to improve it even further so it becomes overpowered.

well… idk… normal barrel roll with Q and E hardly can save me from Guided missiles in open space … need something that can do “sudden strafe left/right” to evade missiles

well… idk… normal barrel roll with Q and E hardly can save me from Guided missiles in open space … need something that can do “sudden strafe left/right” to evade missiles

to avoid missiles, use flares, i think that “Sudden strafe left/right” could make Interceptor overpowered

Don’t mess with the interceptor’s dodging abilities, just learn to use it and ull be able to dodge all the missiles you want :wink:

missiles are ridiculously easy to dodge if you know what you’re doing. i can’t dodge both gunfire and missiles at the same time though.

You’ll get there :wink: