My new ship flavour text

If you noticed my thread in the text bug reports thread, you’ll notice that Gaijin plan to remove the flavour text from ships, partly because they feel some of it is poorly done.


In response, I thought I’d throw in my own flavour text into the pot - what I feel like it should be. Empire, as ever, is my strongest faction in these matters and so they are the first to receive my attention. I’m also picking them because they are the faction most butchered by the last patch - they lost their Gunship and Long Range descriptors.


Empire Fighters:


Tier 1:

Hercules: This humble Gunship was, for a time, the ultimate symbol of the Direktorium. Ironically, it was this very ship that heralded their demise in the hands of the fledgling Empire’s pilots.


Hercules 2: Upon the founding of the Legion, the DGF-09 “Hercules” was redesigned into the LG-2 “Hercules 2” and proved more than a match for the remains of the Direktorium’s forces.


Hercules Arrow: The Order of Wardens designed this fighter based upon recovered Jericho technology. Though impressive for the time, it was obsolete almost as soon as it was released.


Ghost: This vessel was the ship of choice for the Direktorium’s elite pilots. Most were lost in the rise of the Empire, but a precious few survive to this day, mostly in the hands of private collectors.


Tier 2:

Deimos: The EAF-18 “Deimos” has been in service in one form or another for over six hundred years, but is now largely removed from front line duties. This model, the Type Eighteen, still saw Army use as late as 4588.


Deimos 2: The Legion developed the Deimos 2 alongside, but separately from the Army model. It was their flagship attack craft for two hundred years, after which plans were made available to the Army.


Phobos Aura: The Warden’s “Phobos Aura” was intended to act as squadron command craft with technology that, at the time, outclassed even Jericho vessels. However, they proved hugely costly to operate, and many were retrofitted into heavy Gunships. They are no-longer in production.


Kalah: H__aving struggled to make a profit with the Mons-98 Gunship, Titan Shipyards resorted to simply fine-tuning the Army’s Type Three Deimos. The results were impressive, and the Kalah served right through to the Third War of the Bartle Sector.


Tier 3:

Prometheus: After three wars against Jericho, the Empire saw the need for a Command Fighter capable of surpassing the Machete. The Prometheus was deemed to be a success by Army designers.


Prometheus 2_: Legion weapon labs were reluctant to embrace the Prometheus, but following a combined-arms offensive with the Wardens against Federation sectors a small number were purchased by the Legion._


Prometheus Fire: After a bold attack by Jericho pilots against the Emperor’s First Battlefleet, the Wardens spared no expense to produce the finest Gunship they could. The Prometheus Fire was the result, and plans have been drawn up to make it available to the Army.


Nukem: Developed in the 44th Century, the Nukem was created for private Corporation fleets, but proved so successful it became the Army’s official main fighter and formed the basis of the Prometheus. This model is a civilian version and remains in production to this day.


Desert Eagle: This Gunship was developed by the rogue Jericho Tech known as “Isaac”, who sold the designs to the highest bidder to fund his own projects. The Empire nuked the highest bidder from orbit and stole the plans, producing them for their own elite pilots.


Tier 4:

Kastor: The EAF-88C “Kastor”__ has been produced only in small numbers. The Army hopes to field test these ships in Sector 1337 in order to have the ship embraced as the next generation of Army Gunship.


Kastor 2: Officially, the Legion have chosen the Warden’s Prometheus Fire as their next generation Gunship. However, they have begun reconfiguring the new Kastor to act as a squadron command ship.


King Kastor: In the wake of the discovery of Precursor technology in Sector 1337, the Emperor himself decreed that the Wardens were to produce a Gunship without equal for his personal fleet. The 4th Armada’s “King Kastor” is the result.


Short Sword: The Short Sword is the original prototype of the EAF-88 series craft. It was never intended to enter full production, but the Emperor has permitted certain highly influential Corporations to purchase production rights.