My friends and family claim that they lag until the AI takes over their account

Hi guys, my friends and family tried testing this game with me and they use internet from their houses to try and play this game with me. I told them I won the battle and that they got really high frag count but they say they were not playing properly at all to get the results that I told them about from my home PC. They claim that they lagged badly and suspect that my battle was with bots in PVE mode because they lost connection to the Internet to be able to play with me properly.


Request a Fix to this scenario, cause when I tried typing to the account they did not respond and my family say that the AI took over if their account was being used! Technical issue/bug per se, but I know devs are hard at work to make this game great.

Please create a full bug report.

AI will never take control of player’s ships. This is not a feature nor a glitch. When you get disconnected, your ship sits in the same place after spawn and does nothing. If you are flying an engineer ship, though, sometimes you will be able to get damage assists or kills because of drones.

The issue with not being in control sounds like a ping issue. Sometimes when your ping (delay between interaction of your computer and the game servers) is high enough, you will lose control and fly around randomly. This is not AI, but the game trying to figure you what you want it to do when it cannot interact with your client.