My experience playing so far [FEEDBACK]

I think this is the right section of the forums to post this, if not, please move it to the right place.

So where should i begin.

I’ve participated in a lot of open and closed betas for many games and in my opinion, the entire game is not ready for an open beta. At least not for us non-Russian speakers.

The game crashes at random times. The entire HUD is bugged. I see a lot of “somethingsomething_MISSING” for example right in the beginning where i was supposed the choose my faction, but the entire HUD is full of this bugs. everyone speaks Russian. The tutorial doesn’t help a damn thing, only confuses you more since it is in russian and the “tips” that sometimes appear are also in Russian. I can’t even complete the tutorial, i don’t know what the hell i’m supposed to do there. It’s so frustrating.

I downloaded the game at the awesome speed of 40kb/s and for some reason i got assigned with a password and i can’t seem to find a way of changing it, so every time i login, i have to go to my email and and copy&past it to the game (but thats probably just me being dumb).

Don’t get me wrong, i love the entire concept of the game (at least the few i know about it), and that’s exactly why i waited 9 hours to download the game. But this game needs serious fixing and more professionalism. The concept of the game is just too good to be wasted.

I won’t be logging in anytime soon at least until i know that the game had major fixes.

Bye guys and good luck with your game! :slight_smile:

The thing with hud is a bug which appeared with the latest patch so it should also be fixed in the next one.

The tutorial is already translated and can be found in the open beta forum and it will also be added in the next patch.

You can save your email, just put a mark into remember me and the password can be changed on

Thanks for your feedback and I think these things will be fixed soon.

You being frustrated has very little to do with the game. The Hud shows russian language, what do you expect? Everything else is in working order.

have to agree with sprby out of everything thats wrong with the game you note the simplest and unimportant things

im close to giving up aswell but for a megaton of other reasons like balance and lack of communication with other players

The original post is exactly my first impression of the game, and why a lot of people will uninstall it 15 minutes after trying it. You call this “minor” but the first impression often makes or breaks a game, those people who tried it and got a negative feeling will probably never install it again. Ever. So i agree, it was not ready for open beta, since in its current state it is more of an alpha game.

However I spent the time to learn the game and have about 20 matches so far, including some as a squad with my friend and here is my impression of the mid game, ignoring the problems listed above :

  1. The idea to pay to be able to play with friends is broken. This is a big nono as a lot of people will quit as soon as they learn of this restriction. I strongly suggest you make playing with friends free. You can make clan creation require gold, and use some other ideas like having a custom squad page with statistics and custom logo / ship flags / colors as a paid option too. A good rule of thumb in micro transactions is to make players pay for optional, eyecandy stuff. If you make them pay for core features, the game becomes pay to win. Players hate that and the game won’t be successful.

  2. Progression of unlocks is too slow. I played 20 games, most of them with 12+ kills and more, and i haven’t even unlocked one single new ship yet. It looks like i need about a month of playing this casually to get enough reputation to buy a new ship, which is too long.

  3. A general impression that the developers are not dedicated to making a quality game. No announcement concerning the various problems introduced by the last patch, no hotfix, no plan for when the next update will be happening, bad patching method, and so on and so forth. A little bit more communication would help.

For now it is fun. But i can see that it will not last long for me because of the pay to win mentality (Look at blacklight : retribution, they did micro transactions right with a rental system and so on), the slow progression, and how hard it is to make good teamwork happen.

About the teamwork aspect, we don’t have good communication in game. No voice. No way to ping the map. No way to easily see where your friend or squad mate is so you can support him, so on and so forth. I suggest the following on this aspect :

  1. Ability to ping map so we can say “focus site A or defend site B”. Something that is similar to Dota would work

  2. Ability to move camera independantly of the ship movement by pressing ALT and mobving the mouse. This will help us see teammates and easily judge the situation we are in. (Did you try to look around with the frigate? horrible situation awareness. I can understand moving slow and not being able to shoot fast targets, but looking around should be possible.)

  3. Seeing squad mates with a different color, like different blue or green. And having arrows pointing to them on the hud when they are out of screen. Look at any other space game for examples of this system.

  4. Voice communication would be great, but it’s not a priority since we can use ventrilo for now. However it would still be nice to be able to talk when playing with strangers… Dota, league, starcraft, etc, all similar competitive games do this. Players came to expect that much from multiplayer.

For 2. Press control (Ctrl), you get a weird “turret mode” with a locked cursor that also moves your ship around ; the movement controls seem to change and i don’t really get the new “remap” for the controls (ship moves in random directions when i press the direction keys) but you can shoot behind, above etc.

I only have a few hours playtime so far, and as I cannot do barrel rolls through asteroids because the servers are being tweaked i figured I would give a general first impression.

Things I liked.

The fysiks - it’s wonderful, the way the ship moves feels really great (Though for giggles it would be great if there was a button i could toggle to get pure newtonian ship physics, or perhaps that would work quite well as a weapon)

The Russian - I don’t speak a word of it but i like it, Though an english explanation would be cool (re tutorial/buttons), I feel that the fact the game voice informs you off what is happening in Russian is pretty cool, certainly adds atmosphere for me.

Things I would like to see.

PLEASE let me change the key’s around.

for me the only thing i would change is swap ctrl with alt, and also let me have the option to set “afterburner” to toggle.

but mainly, it’s the alt-ctrl swap. When you are pulling some serious manoeuvres in a yamato through some roids, it’s pretty tough on the fingers.

So in general letting players bind their own keys is I feel a must.

One more Tiny niggle.

In the hanger, when you press a tab - i.e. shop or loadout etc. I think it would be good if these tabs had a close “x” on them.

Also I think I found an error. I spent about 3 hours with my ship completely motionless shooting orange pew pew beams at an asteroid, and it didn’t even drop a single nugget of veldspar! whatsupwithat?

edit - nearly forgot -

It would be nice that while in the map (accessed by TAB) if there were a list of players on my team.

Then I could click on one or more names,

and I could track them.

So they would show in game as a different colour, and also with a permanent direction arrow regardless off distance.

This would really help team work

(I kinda realise this may be in the wrong forum, apologies)

Thanks for your feedback.

The tutorial is already translated and can be found in the open beta section and it should be added in game with one of the next patches.

The buttons should also get fixed.

At the moment you cant destroy asteroids :wink: I dont know it this will be added later.

There are already a couple of things planned, but I cant give any detailed information at the moment.

Closed Beta:

I really liked my first encounter with it. The holographic dock was freaking awesome, and the interface was a nice cool blue. I did have a bit of trouble with the shop, but not too much, but everything was right where I needed it to be. My only issue with the shop was that it would never tell you what the initial stats for the ships where, and that is just a huge no-no to any RPG-like game.

The English translation in some parts of the shop was faulty, but this is to be expected from a Russian-native game. Not that big of a deal being in beta.

The flight controls where AKLDSJFKL:DSJF:LSDJF amazing. They where both just like Freelancer but the “turret” mode actually gave you full control, and being able to move and even AB relative to your central reticle was a godsend. Of course the weapons’ angle limitations weren’t set up yet, but w.e. The fixed mode was super as well. I wish, really really wish, they had never changed it, with the one exception of being able to put the reticle at all corners of the screen, rather than being limited to a certain radius.

Closed beta:

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE UI? WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Seriously, the shop/hangar sucks now. It sucks bad. I like the money being down in the lower right hand corner, but it still sucks. I don’t need a orange glow with skulls taking up space to tell me how badass I or my team is. Seriously. No. Stop. You’re trying too hard. For the love of God don’t turn into those other games. Keep the cool blue interface with all the space-saving cool stuff. It’s better that way.

I will say I appreciate being given one of each class of ship at start. That’s a nice change.


ALLOW EDITING OF CONTROLS. Jeez, it’s not that hard to do. I’d really like to use my Big D control scheme, and I keep pressing the “F” button by accident >_>.

So far the game is outstanding many things of course need to be utilized better but over the game is a great story/theme/actionpackedshipbattle in itself. I would perfer more customization and MORE SHIPS. Design styles and classes that sub towards particular motives of play. There’s nearly no use for the interceptor.

All i can say if this game is still in it’s beta stages, is im impressed. The game pulls off dog fighting like only Freelancer could, and you gave it your own twist :01212: Would like to say thank you to the team for this game and all the hard work going into it.

Ok, bigger playerbase would be great. Even for OBT there should be more people 1k minimum. Also since it’s OBT there won’t be wipe, right? As for feedback fix downloading thing. Not sure if it’s only me but after downloading 5-6 MB it just stopped. I was struggling 3 days to download this game (2GB)?

And game itself concept is great. Almost like World of Tanks but in space :slight_smile: It took me few battles to find out about special abilities and other stuff. No idea why I’m still playing vs bots and maybe 1 player among them. I didn’t look at whole shop but I hope there are more then 2 tiers of ships cuz flying 1 set of ships might be boring after some time. And I still have no idea what are those things I collect after winning game I got 1 trophy which I think is part to ship but rest are some kind of scraps not sure…do I sell them? Can’t find those in WH.