Muted for 2 Days

IGN: Exarus


So earlier around 2:00 - 3:00 AM Tuesday morning, me and my friend were messing around in chat and I got muted. At first I was a little shocked I got banned for 1 day as I felt that’s a bit overkill. I then did my best to wait it out, only to log on to the game well past the 24 hour mark of my mute, and when I spoke in chat, it said “You are not allowed to send messages for 22 hrs.” That means it was counting the first specific day. So I’m chat-banned for 2 days? I was trying to be okay with 1 day, but I feel like 2 days is way too much. I’m really sorry if I was disrupting chat, but no one warned me of my friend being an issue, I was just simply muted by I don’t know who. If I can please have my muted lifted, that would be great, as I was already doing my best to be content with letting a full 24 hrs go by.

I have been in this game since 2013 and have put a lot of progress, money, and time towards it. I would just like to be able to use chat so I can coordinate with my teams and other players.


My apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused, I didn’t intend for such long punishment.

Also, I was told “this wasn’t my first offense”. But… I’ve done something before? If that be… am I possibly being confused with another player with a similar name or something? I just don’t recall do anything wrong in past to deserve to be punished… if I committed any offense in this case, it probably would have been Rule #3.


Please consider my appeal, and I look forward to this being resolved.


Edit : Mute is now over…