Music types you want in Star Conflict.

Here I will state this:

Star Conflict needs a broad selection of music to choose from, or to casually listen to and enjoy.

Here we state what we, as players of the game, believe may fit the bill as ‘Star Conflict worthy’ to be officially in the game. 

So, users, place videos, mp3’s etc. find music types around the web, and let the devs know what you want in a space game such as Star Conflict.







Just put some sort of music player in-game so we can play our own music…job done. Or just turn music off and use itunes or whatever to play music…job done.

True, but it would be nice if there’s good music that won’t be copywrite bait on youtube, or other video sites.

Personally, I dislike having to speak all the time for the simple use of avoiding copywrite.

If your youtube vids are non-profit then use music that is covered by the Creative Commons license.

Never the less, this game needs good music.










Aces High. Every flying game needs Aces High.


I use this thing called a music player. It’s still in beta but i heard a few people are having success with using it. They have implemented playlists and you can even control the volume now.