multiple guys posting ww 2 propaganda in my corp. they were talking russian. no clue from which country



in last time i faced multiple guys which were talking bad About Russia and which did post  ww2 Propaganda. .Samum  was the nickname. last week was TheDarkPrince. we had never such issues… Why they are allowed to post this? Pls investigate. we are an international corp. We fight for the game, not for the past of some People. Below is wht they posted . such cant be allowed ! pls investigate. they endanger freedom in my corp with intense.


My Grandgrand ma was sent to Dora with 90+ years. i wont accept that People use such in my corp as Terms. if nobody Acts i will close faith soon.











and the next one!.  SenastianPereira . why they do post such. that is not allowed in game. 




Anunnkja you remind me of some soccer mom, that has no idea what is happening but really “wants to talk to a manager”!

And the video you linked, is a cut from a Russian comedy (from 90s) and fits perfectly to what Samun was saying

i asked wht it means . i asked twice so why did he not explain( and i asked also in russian).sorry but that is not easy if you dont speak Russian. but also in Comedy ways i dont want to see such in faith. are too many misusing such but thx for the info

were 3 in 2 weeks using Terms or such wht he did. We had such never. so why now? Even if conincidence. faith is no place for such. Not sure if making jokes about bad does make  it better. not my way of comedy



  1. You are overthinking things

  2. Nobody is obligated to explain anything to you, get over it

  3. If you don’t understand wth you are talking about, why are you talking about it? 




  1. You are overthinking Things++


my corp my rules. not such Terms . not such Video. even if Comedy not. i got mutes for 0 but those can make jokes of bad or wht? come down. you are fine but for such i have no understanding.




 btw. Family Name was compart. you can chk Dora logs.! so i know for sure about

The video has nothing with WW2, or as you are assuming racism, just because he is bold - that is pretty much every single recruit in Russian army - everyone is cut bold - the easiest way to avoid lice infestations.

Neither Samun sad anything even remotely related to ww2, yet your first reaction “That guy will be banned!” da hell is wrong with you dude? calm your tits, plus you can not ban anybody and any sane GM would not do that either.


If my vodka language skills are correct, Samum complains that nobody said hello to him after he just joined, and it’s rude and “adios you nubz”. In footage that bald dude is saying “Goodbye” with probably one swear word.

The hell you saw ww2 reference. Not every Russian word is “fire-at-will” command.

i cant ban for sure x.And i never told i will do. But is still my wish that those are cause i think am still Right. sorry. That is far beyond from wht is welcome in my corp. if you see it as ok and if game does allow is not my issue.


pic here is not wht i see? lol++ i see wht is! and if you support your choice., is not my way. even if is a vid. that pic has a msg for me.

Yeah, because a still image of a bold man portrait exactly what you think it does


lol++ you know that is something different even if you equalize it. why so touched. ? 

4 hours ago, AnunnakiHunters said:

lol++ you know that is something different even if you equalize it. why so touched. ? 

and what is different about those two pictures?