mouse not locking to game window

Describe the bug in a few words/sentences: windowed mode is un-playable for me because my cursor leaves the window and clicks on things. This problem started around version 1.8.x beta.

Why do you think this is a bug: because it didn’t used to happen and it is really annoying to be stuck in stretched mode.

How often does this bug occur: 100% of the time when in windowed mode.

What was your last action/How to reproduce the bug: go windowed.

Detailed explanation of the bug: Ever since the weapons update, (well actually a bit before, I think,) every time I go to windowed mode, my cursor is no longer locked to the game window and can exit freely. This makes combat extremely hard due to clicking on things outside of the game window. And I cannot go in to full screen mode because my game goes black when I do and shows nothing. So I am stuck with “stretched windowed mode”. Please give an option to bind cursor to game window so it can’t escape unless you’re typing or something.

Your system specs + Operating system: Windows 7, 8gb RAM, good GPU (can handle anything), and one terabyte hard drive. (Half-full)

As a suggestion, alt+tab allows you to switch programs even if you are in full screen mode.


Not meaning to be smart, just wanting to help.

Cool. I’ll remember that.

(Edited out other thing because wrong topic.)